Christian McCaffrey’s Top 5 Plays of the Year | Carolina Panthers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Itsoscar2.0 Da beast

He is the best player gone to two games was great

Michael man

You know you’re a beast when a 70 yard TD run doesn’t make your top 5 plays for the year

    Ronnie Murtagh

    That is what I was thinking…against Arizona

Isaac Punch

his run against the Cardinals?


    nothing special,
    just a normal run for him

    Isaac Punch

    M4zor I would just put it over the long one against the Jags because he actually made a couple people miss. Against Jacksonville, it was all the OLine in my opinion.

Josh N

Keep pounding CMC👊💪

Kendrick McMichael

The best running back in the league

    Don Hed

    Derrick is the best running back cuz nobody can tackle him but cmc is the best all purpose back he can run for 100+ yards and also receive for 100+ years in 2+ tds in every game

    Lil Wooo

    Don Hed if he’s better “All Purpose” then he’s a better RB…a RBs job is not just to break tackles and run the ball…CMC is a better overall player and RB than Henry.

    vin russo

    The stats are close. CMC 4.8 Henry 4.9, 1st downs CMC 244 henry 192, Touchdowns tied with 18, Henry has 6 fumbles, CMC has 1. Very close, obviously CMC has the worse OL and team, even though the Panthers beat them.

    Don Hed

    Lil Wooo you right


    Cmc had 19 tds

Buddy Norris

You really fast touch him he’s a bad man

Daniel Glatz

Like Like Like from Germany..

chris burnett

Love you all. Can i get a Twitter follow. Nflxnewton ❤😜

Dionne Smith

Okay but what about his 70 yards against Arizona back in week 3?!

CMC for MVP!!

CarolinaGamer 28

Best running back in the league 💪


Most underrated player of the year.

Demetres Blakley

He deserves mvp


The one dislike is from the overwhelmed podiatrist (Ankle Doctor)

Dooke DiConti

This no.5 play was easily his best. All his highlights are awesome, though.

Thomas Wilson

This isn’t a great list, he had better plays


You know it’s a good play when you see the opposing team and already know which play they picked.

Ext1nquished _

Absolute Unit💪🏻💪🏻

JDub Josh Dubreuil

You get that praise from RONDE… YOU HAVE ARRIVED

Unpopular O’pinion

He had much better plays then this imo


We beat the titans and the texans lol

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