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Of course it was him sacking Matt Ryan

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Mario addison isn’t a bad football player, but he isn’t particularly good either. Outside of the #1 play, the rest of this top 5 were mostly underwhelming sacks. Both 3 & 2 are called coverage sacks in the football community. His effectiveness is mostly due to Rivera’s scheme that manufacturerd a pass rush with less talented pieces. Don’t forget Greg Hardy is still supposed to be in his prime, and Addison was largely a consolation piece that went well because he was affordable at a time when we were strapped from a salary cap standpoint. He’s a welcome part of the rotation, but at this point, he either needs to move to an even more situational piece, or be replaced. I’m not ragging on him, he’s achieved more than most undrafted players.

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    servoarmy the switch to a 3-4 fucked up our defense. Along with injuries…Mario is a great piece to have next to Burns especially when KK comes back…and he’s not a rotation or situational piece he’s a full time starter.


    @Lil Wooo Its unfortunate that you think Mario Addison should start for any elite or championship calibur defense in the NFL. I understand he’s been productive, but very few haven’t in Rivera’s scheme. Wes Horton and Kyle Love have also produced for us similarly, and they too are similarly average. It’s also worth noting that he’s playing next to arguably the most talented DT rotation in the entire NFL and anyone of decency playing D End for our teams will have more favorable opportunities than most. He’s not especially big, or fast, or explosive, or flexible or saavy. He is opportunistic, and I appreciate that, but he was undrafted for a reason. Had Greg Hardy or Everrett Brown turned out like they were supposed to, he may have not broken into the rotation. Look up the history. I’m not sure the switch to 3-4 was a bad idea, it was working well before teams adjusted to our team after Cam’s injury. It’s worth mentioning also that the old adage of a good offense being the best defense, was majorly in play with us. Say what you want about our offense; if it did one thing well, it controlled the clock, for years, which helped our defense stay fresh, for years. When Cam went down, that changed, and once the defense had to be on the field 4 or 5 more drives a game, it hurt us. It would hurt any team. That’s what happened.

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    servoarmy when he continues to be successful after Rivera what will you say then? He was the best pass rusher on our team this year but he couldn’t impact as much as he should have bc we didn’t have our DT…that’s probably the most important part of a 3-4 defense. Idc about all these other guys that came and went and didn’t have the sustained success of Mario. You’re talking about him like he’s some scrub…you’re sorry I feel like he should be a starter? 😂😂 man you claim to know so much but you clearly don’t watch Mario…is he an elite pass rusher that will dominate games? No but he’s the perfect complimentary piece for a guy like that (Brian Burns)…we don’t need him to be great we just need him to do his job and he does his job pretty consistently every season.

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Thank you so much Mario and I hope we were there for ya through your loss. Broke my heart too bro… KEEP POUNDING

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