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Terry McBride

I can’t wait to see how Andy schemes around the 49’s pass rush,Andy is an offensive Mastermind and this Could be his Master Piece!

    jesse williams

    Terry McBride if they rush, screens and slants, if they play man crossing routes, if they play zone Kelce sits in the soft spots of the zones and gets 190 yards and 3 TDs

Jill Shinn


Cardboard Nation

Wow the media is really really concerned whether the Chiefs players will get distracted huh? Is it because the media knows they are about to make the place a traveling circus of a football game. GO CHIEFS!

just me

The media needs to stop acting like these are a bunch of high school kids..they are men and know how yo act and know what to do…this is CHIEFS kingdom they will be respectful…

King EZ

Chiefs Kingdom!!! We’re not done yet!!! Let’s be legendary!!! Chop Em’ Up!!!

Dunkilo S

GET OUT PATRICK!NOW!! Before you get infected!! 🙂

Reid Corp.

“In it to win it, that’s what we do.”

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