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Jphouseboy King

As a chiefs fan I am so happy we going super bowl for the first time in 50 years


A well rounded team. Now to step up one more time.


Chiefs winning it all

Chris Kilts

Love this team so much. Andy allows these guys to be themselves and it is paying off. Honey Badger is an inspirational person through and through.


There aren’t any “ME” people on this football team.

Shawns a Virgin

“Henry is gonna run all over the chiefs”. Lol my man mahomes ran all over them

    David B

    Mahomes almost had as many yards as Henry… that was awesome!!!

Levi Massey

I want to have Honey Badger on our team forever. Dude is so locked in. Him screaming “championship swagger” in the middle of pregame huddles will be burned in my memory for years to come. He shows leadership vocally and — no doubt — physically. Hits hard, plays fast, and has incredible instincts. What more could we ask for?

    Ian Ballard

    I can see him getting extended after 2021. He’s a bad mofo.

    Ian Ballard

    ​@WeShowYou39071319 Absolutely not true. Spags is a way better coach than Sutton. Even without Mathieu and Clark, Spags actually makes adjustments when the game plan isn’t working.

    Sleuter McGavin

    WeShowYou39071319 without a doubt you nailed it. Without adding tyrann to the secondary, we would be in disarray to say the least. I’ve been preaching against how bad WARD is since I saw him literally watch guys run right by him in the patriots game. Since then, it’s been a joke if you know DB fundamentals, you’ll see he plays scared and that effects every other part of his game. How can you go from blowing coverage twice against the Texans and almost costing us the game’s momentum – to not even once getting on the ground to show minimal effort against the TITANS and HENRY. Yet no one says anything because we are winning and that stud tyrann makes everyone better and look better. Btw Charvarious ward postseason stats = playing literally every single snap. 0INT, 0 sacks, 0 forced fumbles, 0 fumbles recovered, 0 broken up passes, and 1 tackle (which the receiver was already on their way to the ground). I mean just look at his play to play fundamentals…it’s a joke to put it lightly.

    Mudd Murdoc

    @Sleuter McGavin Hell yes! I’ve been enjoying Sorensen for years now. He did his job when Berry couldn’t play. And he’s stepped up in a big way for this push. I personally think Mathieu has been good for him. GO CHIEFS!!!

It’s Austin Puckett

The Chiefs are the best team in the world

Louie Jones

andy reid celebrated this superbowl birth by eating a burger and taking a nap… thats a great celebration if u ask me

    Rodora Zuba

    I celebrated this Superbowl birth by not eating all day, cuz I was so full… Full of Joy and Happiness !!!😊🙋

    Louie Jones

    ​@Rodora Zuba oof i maybe he 49ers will win but im rooting foa ravens fan, but im conflicted on who i really want to win i predict the 49ers will win but im rooting for the chiefs im suer alex smith and joe montana dont know who to root for as well

    Rodora Zuba

    @Louie Jones My respect to your opinion, prediction and to whom you are rooting for (as a Raven’s). I believe in KC Chiefs all the time and they know how to take care of the game. But may the Deserving and the Best team Win the SB LIV, and I believe, it’s going to be our “Chiefs”. 😊


    Man i want a cheeseburger


    COCO7795 Me too!

Sean S.

Honeybadger is the leader of our Defense. He’s so awesome and I hope he retires as a Chief…just like EB did.


I never want Mathieu to leave, he has the most heart on the team

    Steve Still

    he makes me almost not miss Eric Berry. He’s every bit of a player and leader as Berry was.


    @Steve Still yea I’ll always love berry, but Mathieu is a better leader in my opinion. He took our horrible defense and jump started it into becoming one of the most effective defenses in the league.


    @Steve Still but I’ll always appreciate Berry’s leadership


I haven’t heard any commentary on our defense stepping up and making all these comebacks possible. You don’t comeback from 24-0, and score 7 TD”S in a row without a helluva defense!

    Devil’s Advocate

    I’ve heard plenty. Arrowhead Pride, Locked on Chiefs, In The Trenches, Defending The Kingdom and Time’s Ours all know what’s up.

Mike Cunning

The more I listen to him the more I understand why he is a leader on the team

    William Cash

    We are strong we are going to warmer weather we will bring back that trophy we will be proud forever just remember for the fans that can not afford to pay the price we are still supporting CHIEFS KINGDOM

Derek Brown

Love this chiefs team …..these players deserve a sb win let’s go


Of all QB’s this season, Mahomes had the most yards covered on a TD run. Not Lamar…. Mahomes.


I’ve been a Chiefs fan since ’68.
Always faithful, always loyal. It hasn’t always been easy.
Seeing the Lamar Hunt Trophy come to KC, brought actual tears to this old man’s eyes.
We’re not done, yet.
Red & Gold, ’til I’m dead & cold.

    Mudd Murdoc

    My dad is a Len Dawson fan. I grew up rooting for them (I was born during the Montana days) I thought I’d have to wait til I was his age to even go to one. Now here we are and ready to win. I hope the Chiefs take that stadium over!

Rick Osborne

00:32 what a great addition to this team.

Hector Reyes

The fact that they give all the thanks to the coaches to the managment and how they understand how kc has the best fans. Thats whats makes this team special! They stay humble they stay hungry for the person next to them. Im proud to be a Chiefs fan! This is our year to hold that Lombardi trophy!!!!!
Go chiefs!!!!

Ricardo Masvidal

I still miss Eric Berry. He would be so happy. Hope he comes back soon.


“KEEP THE CAMERA ON HIM” 💯 🙌 thats why this team is dominating and will dominate the SB. its a TRUE TEAM. did you see how quickly Mahomes passed the trophy? this is their year. the humble and grateful are blessed. KC is ready to show up for your parade. CHIEEEFFFS

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