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Chiefs vs. Texans | Six Stats to Know

Chiefs Reporter BJ Kissel gives you a handful of stats to keep in mind as the Chiefs get set to host the Texans on Sunday in the Divisional round of the AFC playoffs. #HOUvsKC

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Amirr Christian

Let’s go chiefs!

vClamp God IQ



chiefs?? Like if you think chiefs are we gonna win

    Lui gi

    Eeeesh I’m a chiefs fan but I’m kinda scared about this game

    Lui gi

    I’ll still like I have faith in my chiefs

    denise bell

    Lui gi why ????


    denise bell I mean it is scary cause they did come back hard against the Bills whose had a great defense most of the season. But then again we are a much much better team than the Bills, still kinda scary though just cause of the pressure on the players

    The Come up

    Lui gi you ain one of us… the hell you doubtful for ? We will win !!! Smh


Were gonna run the field on them.. honestly cmon, defense has turned not a page but has moved on to the next damn book, and our offense is fully healthy and at home? GOOD luck

    Mike Blick

    @Marc Antonio Corleone Broncos lit up the Texans….

    Marc Antonio Corleone

    Mike Blick Texans lit up the Chiefs with 2 dropped TD passes. I thought ‘these are different teams’ lol

    Mike Blick

    @Marc Antonio Corleone you’re trying to say the Chiefs D isn’t good because they played teams like the Broncos….but the Broncos offense was explosive vs Houston….

    Marc Antonio Corleone

    Mike Blick y’all weren’t explosive vs us huh? Two different teams like y’all like to emphasize

    Mike Blick

    @Marc Antonio Corleone Chiefs were still pretty explosive….Mahomes threw for 273 and 3 TD’S with his own injury, his left tackle out, Sammy Watkins out, and Tyreek Hill only played like half the snaps because he was still coming back from injury. Texans pass D is trash, healthy Chiefs team will run them off the field

Jim McIntyre

Cannot wait!

Blackthorn 461

I just had someone tell me that the chiefs and the Texans defense is equal. Even though the chiefs defense is way better in every single category except rushing yards allowed. Which is the only category that the chiefs are behind the Texans, and they’re only behind by 1.

Can I get to 1,000,000 Subscribers for nothin?

Chiefs are 12-1 when the opponent scores under 30 points

    Blackthorn 461

    Can I get to 1,000,000 Subscribers for nothin? Yeah and the only loss was a bad game

    Can I get to 1,000,000 Subscribers for nothin?

    @Blackthorn 461 all injured players against the colts but we’ll be fine

    Blur Fizzy

    And we got screwed that titans game

    frank mccollum

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHIEFS!!!!!

Erica Klein

Just sayin.. we don’t need stats we all know chiefs will win

    Marc Antonio Corleone

    Sly Tater for an average team, y’all sure talk a lot of trash. I guess Texans will have to shut y’all up twice in 1 season 😬🤷🏼‍♂️

    Sly Tater

    @Marc Antonio Corleone lol we never shut up

    Erica Klein

    Mysticgotskills _ bruh the Texans are 10-6 and the chiefs are 12-4 and the Texans barely beat the bills like c’mon the bills they trash so we are planning to stomp u guys..


    @Marc Antonio Corleone our average team is about to stomp your garbage team. Lol.

Andrew Sundberg


Joshua Fausset

Changing my prediction from 28-10, Chiefs to 35-10 Chiefs. I also now predict time of possession will favor the Chiefs now 3:1.

    Brandon R

    The texans are gonna have 15 min TOP? Bruh.. just stop lmao

    frank mccollum

    @Brandon R hey, We’ll see this Sunday bro!! Lol..

    Brandon R

    frank mccollum yes we will, im just hoping BOB can get these players motivated from the start..

    Ron Bemis

    I’m also predicting 35-10!

    Lil Bill

    Joshua Fausset your generous. I was think more like 42-3 chiefs. Can’t give these Texans fans no hope

Malcom X

This podcast is smooth as 🍷 RB once again RISE UP!

kevin reese

We have a 100% healthy team foo luck texans

Marc Antonio Corleone

Damn y’all sure talk a lot of trash. See y’all Sunday 😁


GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayden Stephenson

that ending was perfect …


We Got Somethin To Prove Lets Go Boys #chiefs!!!


Dallas Texans > Houston Oilers > Houston Texans


Let’s bring the Lombardi home boys!

Larry Steele

Chiefs 31- 17


Let’s go texans

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