Analyzing Taysom Hill vs. Vikings | 2019 Wild Card | Baldy’s Breakdown – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Analyzing Taysom Hill vs. Vikings | 2019 Wild Card | Baldy’s Breakdown

New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill was all over the field vs. the Vikings in the 2019 Wild Card game. NFL Network Analyst Brian Baldinger breaks down the film and highlights of Taysom Hill's performance in all phases of the game.
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Stop, watching these great plays knowing they didn’t matter is bringing the pain back. I want to forget.

Stephen Price

Yup it was really like taysom vs Vikings since he was the only one that shined

    Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw

    Taysome is modern day Gladiator


Who cares we lost stop posting til next season


He shoulda been in the game the whole time until the vikings stopped him

    Josh King

    KalELBama311 I was screaming at the tv to leave him in!


13-3 sitting at home smh a damn shame

    The Great One

    1st ever 13-3 team to lose in 1st round ever!!!! you like dat


Man save this ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ they on the couch sir

Daniel Carlson

What position does Taysom Hill play again?

    Lucius Maleficent

    His position is “football”.

    Douglas A.

    Daniel Carlson yes

    Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw

    Taysome is modern day Gladiator


Yeah Hill wanted to win that game! Saints better keep him on the roster!


To painful to watch, Saints will let this guy go because they are sold on the old style traditional QB. SHAME on Orleans Saints

    Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw

    Taysome is modern day Gladiator

Josh King

I love Drew Brees but I was screaming at the TV leave Taysom in. We would have won that game had they benched Drew. They should feel the game and sub when needed. Taysom was on fire that game!

Darren Bunting

Holy cow, I knew the guy was special and I watched the game, glad you highlighted the blocking and special team plays . Lots of saints fans have been calling all season to convert him to wide receiver, but I say why limit the guy, he just gives everything he does 100% and more. Saints will be really stupid if they let him walk in free agency, it would probably rank up with drafting a kicker with their first pick

Ctsmtbw Ctsmtbw

Taysome is modern day Gladiator

St James

Itโ€™s gonna be a loooong off season fellow Whodats

Irene Duke

Hill had momentum; Drew never found it.

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