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Andrew Elliott

Super Bowl bound


Everyone in the NFL should be scared of seeing us in the playoffs.

    Sahar Aruk Bissong

    yessir #chiefskingdom

    Kenny Madison

    I agree


    Oh hell yes!!!

Mathew Perkins

Let’s go Chiefs

Ian Ballard

Now Sack Nation has the #9 sacker of all time in Terrell Suggs. This is nuts!

    Sahar Aruk Bissong

    i found it hilarious how mad ravens fans were about that

    Lester Long


John Carter

Blatant holding against Nadi @1:40.

James Lane


Nick Messick

Let’s goooooo

Curt Thacker

Coming together at the right time of the season looking pretty good

Phillip McGruder

Chiefs defensive line coach Brenden “Thanos” Daly’s unit: Suggs, Jones, Nnadi, Clark, Kpassagnon, Saunders, Pennel, and Harris. 👊🏾😤

Daysean Kamara

Chiefs bout to power up now we got T sizzle and Frank Clark on the side we ready baby

Amateur At Best

*Ravens fans*
WErE nOt tHe sAmE teAm tHat wE WeRe iN weEk 3 GuYs

No disrespect to the Ravens because they’re a beast of a team with plenty of special talent 💪 but the fans never want to recognize that the Chiefs have improved a lot. Which is fine with me, but D has stepped up tremendously, Mahomes is healthy, Hill is back, and Fisher is back. We’re not the same either 💪🔥


    Ravens are looking amazing, but Lamar Jackson is kind of a one trick pony. The NFL is gonna figure him out by next season.

Ahmy B

Yep that d has bailed them at on a few occasions this year.

Momma Jezzy hussle family

Super bowl is calling the cheif name

John Brown


Larry Steele

Welcome suggs


Hell yeah!


Coming together at the right time guys! Let’s go CHIEFS!

jose velazco


jose velazco

I do wish we had ogbah and okafor tho

Oui Bay

Added Suggs and his teefs!

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