Chase Winovich, Rex Burkhead & Ted Karras on 2019 season’s end | Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Eleanor LaChance

Let’s get em next year

That’s Insane

Go pats

Christopher Conn

I’m salty about the dolphins game

Amber Brown

*Gronk Andews James Devlin will be back next season draft a te this time BB and give Harry time to learn the playbook and hopefully obj come to NE*

    Devin Walsh

    Id rather have AB then OBJ thats a joke

Gabriel Juliano

Let’s get it next year

therion s



Pats Rock! Can’t wait till next season! #patsfanforlife ☝🏼😎

Brian Kimball

Why is he smiling?


    Brian Kimball he gets a few months now to go have fun with all his money and do no work

Orsi Dirda

I mean what else could they say

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