Bill Belichick on Tom Brady: He “is an iconic figure in this organization” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tommy Chong

Were gonna be back with vengeance

    Clinton Richardson

    Tell that to the Miami Dolphins.

    Greg Arius

    Nope. Dynasty over.

Pizza Gamer

Tom is staying with the Pat’s that his family

    Kevin Richardson

    @P Pumpkin I bet you that mr craft will do everything in his power for brady to stay

    Anthony Hill

    @R K shhhhhhit! Brady will get big big money to resign with the pats.

    R K

    @Anthony Hill bill wanted to cut him 3 years back remember

    Idalina Oliveira

    G Pick 6 time world championship. 17 AFC championships

    Have you seen the statistics
    The best players in the world of 2019 just came out and Tom Brady is there
    Tom Brady is the legend the Beast the goat
    Tom play has no weapons like every other team has
    Yes receive as trash
    Give him some weapons and Brady will tear every other team

Tristan Michaud

Please stick with Tom. The Patriots wouldn’t be the same without him. Cant let his last game at Gilette end like that…

    James C

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The Revenge Tour


    That’s not Tom Brady anymore man. Just a guy with the #12 on his back.

    so icey0

    Now y’all wanna talk trash about the patriots when we been dominating the league for over 3 decades

    Too Sweaty

    Matthew Collins cmon u got a chance to win 7 sp make history that’s when he should retirr

Argie Stokes

Tom ain’t going anywhere

    Tyana Jones

    He is

    Racer X

    @Tyana Jones WOW your going to win Sports reporter of the year!!! so much insider information!!!! impressive!


    Tyana Jones Where? He just bought a house in CT. He won’t leave and learn a new system this late in his career.

Dan P

Bring Tommy back, we need him… Get healthy, draft a TE and we’ll be back for another run.

    Jake Shattuck

    Draft two TEs and at least 3 O-linemen


    Jake Shattuck our o line I fine, we lost David Andrews and develin which affected our run game immensely

    pisko 21

    sign an elite receiver

    Jjgalugie 36

    You are such a loser begging a cheating coach to keep his cheating qb on youtube. Pathetic dude

    Peter Sclafani

    They have a tight end but never used him. I’m glad McDaniels is leaving. He made alot of bad calls. Brady should have called automatics.

Daren Lee Bryant- Christensen

I would play for this man any day. I got 50 reason to😂😂😂

David Osborne

As a Titans fan I hope Brady comes back. Pats have become my 2nd favorite team over the years. I really admitted so to speak that Tom was the GOAT at the end of the ‘06 season right after they lost to the Colts in AFC championship game and when they signed Randy I look straight at my dad and said they won’t lose a game next season. I was almost right and ive just been a huge Brady fan and de facto Pats fan since. Especially how he has done it over and over without bug play receivers and this season he had no receivers at all with Juelz in assuming not being fully healthy and what happened Antonio Brown. Never really understood what happened with Josh Gordon and why they just cut him. I know he later failed a screen in Seattle but that wasn’t in NE. Anyways I hope he comes back next season and wins every game they are not playing the Titans in.


    David Osborne respect ✊

    Anthony Hill

    Well said

    James Willey

    I’m a Raiders fan and my story is similar I am a de facto Patriots fan because of their excellence.


Tom Brady is staying with the patriots

    Patsfan 4life

    Tyana Jones agree, not

    Go Gop

    @Tyana Jones tyanaass

    Tyana Jones

    @so icey0 he is not staying

    Patriotic American

    kkujaksmash hope so

Scott L

Bill needs a hug

Nara Ton

We will be back as always every season! 🙄


Tom needs to stay. 2019 was injury year. O line was severely damaged all year. Bad receiving core all year too. A QB can’t catch the passes. The offense was off all year, and none of the receivers were stepping up to make the plays. JE tried, but he’s severely injured which is why he dropped so many passes. Regroup, sign Ebron, and make a SB run capable team. The team this year was not. 2020, regroup, make the correct signings and bring TB Back. The problem was not his fault this year.

    david selawsky

    Well said. Bill sucks. His ego is too big now. Bc of Toms wins. Bill thinks he can win SB w out Tom. Hes sorely mistaken imo. Was a losing coach b4 Tom took over. Fact

    david selawsky

    Totally agree but Bills ego is off the charts now. He will not want Tom back bc Tom usurped him over Jimmy G. Bill will never let that go. He has grudges.

    so icey0

    Mo Tec you sound stupid you don’t know wtf u talking about

    so icey0

    david selawsky please stfu

    Peter Sclafani

    Need new blood. College and free agency.

Scott L

Dear New England Patriots channel: Please turn up the audio so we can hear the questions, please.

    Johnny C

    Or add subtitles for context. Good call.


    Dude, I thought it was just my computer audio!

    Jayson Bird

    Doesnt matter you’ll always get the same answer

    Johnny C

    @Jayson Bird So true, but hearing the questions still adds some flavor.😆


    and belichick’s mumbling

Joe Thomas

I hope he stays but Tom has earned the right to do whatever the hell he wants to do.

Richard Friar

Stop messing with our minds. Lock Tom in. We wanna believe y’all a family. This feels like betrayal

    Jjgalugie 36

    Betrayal was the 15 times they got caught cheating and wwe did nothing about it. Sry, nfl i mean. Theyre so similar these days its hard to distinguish.

Art Jacobsen

Yesterday I was sad when the patriots lost against the titans.

    Tim W

    I was extremely happy.

ai Spadez


    Bruins man 1121

    It’s about wether Tom wants to stay not if they want him to stay

    LetThatFeverPlay 89

    @Bruins man 1121 you’ve got it backwards. Tom has already said he doesn’t want to retire. And Bill has already tried to replace him once with Jimmy G.


Please keep him he was the best player on the team last night

    Joshua Exposito

    MGman70 actually Hightower was if you watched . Brady was by far one of the least competent at his position on NE this game


His last pass can’t be a pick 6, it just can’t be

    Patsfan 4life

    johnnyboy123 it won’t be, Patriot or not

    Jjgalugie 36

    He deserves it! Cheating scumbag. Last play shoulda been a broken back though. That woulda been much more satisfying.

Breyton Mcqueary

Give him a big contract, he’s given you 6 rings already. We all know 7 is Coming

    Tyana Jones

    He won’t brandy is wash up.

    Tee Saul

    Tyana Jones not arguing with you, not tryna start a fight, BUT brady isn’t necessarily washed. i do however agree this year was not his year at all he didn’t look good in a lot of games but part of that comes down to his receiving core. brady overthrows a lot and can’t capitalize on a lot of things but there’s no denying that he had almost no help out there. he isn’t washed but he definitely is coming to the end of his career, you can only do the same thing for so long.

Kaylee Brown

We won’t ever see another dynasty like this again.

    Jjgalugie 36

    Depends. We just need to find someone who is willing to cheat as much. Then we will

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