Carson Wentz Mic’d Up “Greg Ward, You Son of a Gun!” | Eagles Audible – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Cicada Smasher

I’d love to have Josh McCown mic’ed up on the sidelines for a game.


    I wanna see McCown catch a TD

    Cicada Smasher

    @CobaltScout56 That would be awesome. What would make it even more sick is if Greg Ward, Jr. threw it to him.


    I see him after every big play he’s the hype man over there hahaha

    Alex Day

    I’d love to have him on this coaching staff next year.

Chief Sosa07

Our unquestioned leader! 🦅🦅🦅🧙🏽‍♂️

    KingGrizzly 78

    My Friend if you knew anything about the eagles or football you would know bringing a healthy Carson wentz to the playoffs would give him some playoff experience something which he has none of, and if we do make it to the play offs of course we won’t win anything durrrrr

    John Saraceni

    ** lmao it’s honestly hilarious.. dude basically just admitted he’s only a fan when they are winning🤣🤣 I feel for Browns fans man atleast they are loyal, this dude sounds like he would make an excellent patriots fan

Mike Fagan

McCown: “Huh”
McCown: “Yeah”

    Paco Ortiz

    He’s everywhere.

Jay Hairston

after watching this no one should question his leadership

    Call Me J. R.

    Wentz and sanders gonna be nice

    Call Me J. R.

    FLYEAGLESFLY Jeffrey don’t hate wentz they just not on the same page, some people chemistry is harder to go by. If he wants to go the Eagles could find a team he could use him more then we can . A lot of teams need a good veteran wide receivers who’s a beast

    Stephen White

    FLYEAGLESFLY it’s not Alshon it’s nelly that’s why on multiple occasions nelly doesn’t sell out for balls drops balls and throws shots at Carson

    Stephen White

    HeyThereMrSky that’s what they want you to think it’s really nelly Alshon makes tough catches for Carson and that’s his go to guy on critical 3rd downs

Arun Sandhu

Get Wentz some good WRs and watch him ball !!

Keep Greg Ward Jr. … dudes a baller


    STR8 FACTS!!!


    Bah I don’t think it’s salt in the air… it’s stuck in his mangina. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    Stephen White

    Still Learnin 4332 hrs gunna be cheaper than dak Goff and every QB after that seems like the eagles got a steal. They’ve got the cheapest 2016 QB and have all there players set for the next 2-3 years

    Stephen White

    My Friend you omitted the rest of the game he threw 4 TD over 300 yards and a comeback win


Wow I love this team with all my heart

Jacob O'C

I’m so hyped for the Dallas game! Hopefully Santa gives us an early Christmas present with a win!

    Pavel Belov

    We didnt win those cowboys for so long… Something needs to be changed…

    Call Me J. R.

    Jacob O’C hope we blow them out to show dominate or give them a fight , nothin easy. If we win we could get D jax back in the playoffs, who knows what could happen.

    Jacob O'C

    @Call Me J. R. Anything can happen, every team has lost at least twice so far.

    Andrew Beard

    Call Me J. R. Yea we make the playoffs we definitely getting d Jax back which will help the offense tremendously

Quin Harris

Handshakes with the DB’S, Oline and Dline, talks to everyone and everything. But according to Max kellerman ” the team is giving up on Wentz and doesnt want to play for him.”


    Quin Harris – Rasul literally walks right up to him after the fumble, daps him and says “You know we got you, baby”.

    I highly doubt this team has given up on Wentz. Literally every player in the NFL knows he’s a bad man.


    @a z Max Kellerman knows literally nothing about football.

    Shayne Buchanan

    This! ^ thank you!


    I think it’s true with Alshon and Agholor.


That’s my QB🦅

    Amani roberto

    JDS9250 💯🗣🦅🦅🦅🦅

    Call Me J. R.

    JDS9250 mines too

    Ksupppa Fresh


    KingGrizzly 78

    Hell yeah bruda

daniel natal

“CaRsOn wEnTz iSnT a LeAdEr”

    Stephen White

    My Friend cam newton 2018,2017 voted as the most underrated player in the nfl according to NFL players not clown like you

    Stephen White

    Cicada Smasher if you were an eagles fan you wouldn’t have to announce it


    Thomas Soley thank you! No one fucking understands

Mansa Musa

I can say it’s been awhile since I wanted to run thru a wall.

Drew Money

Ok… now I’m ready. WE WANT DALLAS! 😤



    Anthony Cantu

    Drew Money no y’all don’t lol


Carson “let’s go boy that whole drive was you!!”

Greg ward “thanks bro, that was all of us”

I love hearing that teamwork

TK the 7th

The closest you’ll ever hear Carson swear is “Gosh Darnit!”

    Bowtie Bann

    Same thing with Bdawk

    Marvell Tahoe

    TK the 7th Doggone it was basically a Weapon X trademark lol

    Derek Johansen or something

    He swore in a 2017 game when he missed a throw to Ertz in the endzone and so they ran the exact same play for a TD. I believe it was that game. The NFL blurred it out

    KingGrizzly 78


Lion Mane

Love the leadership that Wentz has with the team…I’m believing in the Eagles!!! Rise up and stand up in adversity!!

Joshua Stein

Yo I was at this game early, I saw Jason Kelce and almost got his autograph after his warm ups but forgot a sharpie. I also saw Wentz give a kid with his high school jersey his signature. I was wearing a jake Elliot jersey and cam Johnston (punter) gave me a nick wave and pointed me to jake. Really nice team.


    Man I hope I can go to a home game soon!

    Dempsey Crandell

    That’s so sick. I’m jealous bro. Go Birds

    Joshua Stein

    The trick is get tickets the day of or the day before, being a sharpie and some odd jersey like Wentz’s high school jersey (helps but is not completely necessary), get the tickets on SeatGeek or Ticketmaster because they are marked down then because people need to get rid of their tickets. Than get there 3 and a half to 4 hours before the start of the game, park near the exit and wait until the stadium opens time, run down to the sidelines and know players names by there looks without numbers. Call em out or hold up you jersey. Hopefully you can get it signed by Jason kelce, he practices the whole time in the end zone and takes a lot of breaks, this works better at away games. He loves taking pictures with fans. If this does not work find someone with a camera, but not too fancy of a camera following players. These are the social media workers. Try to talk to them. Bringing signs also helps. Your more likely to get a signature in the winter because games are less exciting and people don’t like to stand outside as much. Remember that outdoor stadiums work best. Try to play catch with the staff. A risky move is to trip and fall on purpose near a player to get their attention if they notice he’ll o it their name and ask for a picture. Camera on Johnston also likes to take pictures with fans with his jersey so be aware. Than always have a kid with you. Hope this helps.

    KingGrizzly 78

    Showing the kicker some love


I love hearing my quarterback strain his voice with emotion playing for his men.

Dylan Lagraves

I bet it feels like a million years since someone made a catch like ward did

Manuel Brambila

McCown looks like he’s having a blast.

    Call Me J. R.

    Manuel Brambila we have to keep him as a back up,

    Manuel Brambila

    @Call Me J. R. at least as a back up receiver lol. He was ready to get his number called against the Giants

    Darth Vix

    He always been on crappy teams lol I mean our season aint going great so far but its better than where he has been probably idk


Goedert is just hyped 100% of the time



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