Budda Baker & the Defense Stand Strong in Big Win | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Budda Baker & the Defense Stand Strong in Big Win | Arizona Cardinals

Watch as Arizona Cardinals S Budda Baker and the defense take over Monday Night Football on this week's SRP Power Performer.

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Nott Frosty-_- Reply

We got the next game

    Charge Pokémon Reply

    @das where have you been?

    das Reply

    @Charge Pokémon ? wym i thought the cards beat the niners?

    das Reply

    @Migil oh hes a rams fan lol ty

    Charge Pokémon Reply

    @das are you ok in the head? You were the one who asked lol

    das Reply

    @Charge Pokémon i thought he was a cardinals fan but he was a rams fan :/

Cardinals 23 Reply

We have to make a statement by beating Seattle this week

    Spiritual Zay Reply

    @Johny Goodman yeah that’s true too Kyler has been struggling as well throwing the ball. But the good thing is his running has been beneficial to their run game especially in the red zone

    Cardinals 23 Reply

    @Spiritual Zay agree

    Cardinals 23 Reply

    @Captain Spoof preciate you

    Johny Goodman Reply

    @Spiritual Zay yeah but when you go up with somebody that’s just like Kyler Murray which is Russell Wilson but he has a better throwing arm it’s definitely going to be a struggle this game’s going to come down to defense on Sunday

    Creed Boal Reply

    Budda out there for wilson head and kyler gonna prove the chef the young wilson

Sergio Moreno Reply

On to the Seachickens! Let’s go Cards!🔥

adrian pena Reply

They need to calm down before we get some humble pie.

    JR Lagasca Reply

    We got that when we lost to the lions…

_ JDP2104 _ Reply

Baker and Peterson have been getting a ton of attention for the secondary (and rightfully so) but I really love what I’ve been seeing from Murphy and Kirkpatrick too

    amr1115 Reply

    murphy locked up ceedee lamb the whole game it was amazing

    Boss of the Bosses Reply

    Byron murphy was college teammates with Taylor rapp of the rams

    Ben Royce Reply

    @Boss of the Bosses Murphy, Taylor Rapp, Budda Baker, Marcus Peters, and Kevin King all played at Washington. Looks like UW produces some good DBs!

    Boss of the Bosses Reply

    @Ben Royce except for Baker & Murphy ✔

    Lazor _US Reply

    @Boss of the Bosses 😂🤡

Andrew Oviedo Reply

Budda for mvp

Bosco Gamer Reply


The Dude Reply

Budda come to play!! 💪

James Reply

Budda is “bulit different”

    Boss of the Bosses Reply

    @Juice Gaming That explains it.

    Boss of the Bosses Reply

    @Juice Gaming Btw, how many mexicans are in the NFL or NBA?

    Juice Gaming Reply

    @Boss of the Bosses Why Does That Matter?

    Boss of the Bosses Reply

    @Juice Gaming it shows how *disconnected* you are from the sport. Thats why you didnt understand my “budda baker” retort. The cardinals has a disjointed fanbase.

    Boss of the Bosses Reply

    @Juice Gaming How many?

Judy Cortes Reply

Please win against Seahawks because am a Cardinals fan but my dad is a Seahawks fan and i would love to talk trash about the Seahawks to him.

    Garrett Williams Reply

    I’m also a cards fan, with my dad being a hawks fan. We better blow them out

Omar Mendez Reply


Creed Boal Reply

This game determines if were a top 7 team and we win then we will still be second if we lose we drop to 4th if the rams and 49ers win I want to win and rams lose and 49ers to put us up higher

SuperNASCARrocks Reply

Budda is showing why he’s the best safety in the game. Go Cardinals.

    Tony Diaz Reply

    yupp BB32 my fav player lmao ik I have dhop as my picture

kelpo vlogs33 Reply

Don’t sleep on us

Chris Cummings Reply

The media is undermining how good our defense is

Bryant MG Reply

0:52- 1:07 You guys have an awesome editor.This part was lit 👍

TheCattledog2 Reply

They have to get this run game going sunday & keep russ on the sidelines
Let’s go big red

backtoconstitution1 Reply

If we could clone 2 more Buddas no offense would EVER get a first down

Turtle Trolls Reply

same energy against seattle we got this!

Dadrien Zamora Reply

I was surprised the cardinals handled that wide receiver core like that

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