Patrick Peterson: ‘We’re Going To Have Our Hands Full’ | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Patrick Peterson: ‘We’re Going To Have Our Hands Full’ | Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson discusses the challenges ahead for this defense in facing the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.

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J Love Reply

Come on P2 you struggled last week let’s have a bounce back game and get a pick from Russ

    J Love Reply

    @Bosco Gamer he got beat by Gallup and coop on multiple plays. Just because they didn’t catch it doesn’t mean he played well. Gallup should have had a 40 yard gain if Andy doesn’t overthrow that ball down the right sideline

    Bosco Gamer Reply

    @J Love okay but what about this year in your opinion?

    Jeremy Pawlak Reply

    @J Love maybe dalton wouldnt have overthrown him if p2 wasnt covering him QBs bad or good are scared of pat because hes awesome, is he having his best year? no but hes still very good

    Austin & Luna Reply

    @J Love bro did you hear him say he was sitting on that route so he can speed up to catch the ball he didn’t necessarily get burned it was all part of his plan

    Alex Polanco Reply

    @J Love you’re so dumb

Alabama Fever Reply

Get your legs ready Arizona D!!! MVP Russell Wilson is going to run all over you guys! Go Hawks! Go 12!

    Benjamin Martinez Reply

    @Boss of the Bosses bruh they beat us by a field goal

    Boss of the Bosses Reply

    @Benjamin Martinez Check mate. 😔

    Sam Gioffre Reply

    reminding me of week 1… 9ers fans wayyyyyyy to cocky

    Austin & Luna Reply

    Shut up we beat him once we can do it again

    Rocco1123 Reply

    Itll be a good game. We shall see how things go. Seattle usually beats us at home and we beat you guys on the road. One if the better divisional rivalries in the NFL IMO

Realest Reviews Reply

-Seattle has not played a winning team.
-Seattle has the worst defense in the NFL.
-Seattle has only faced one DECENT defense (New England)

    daxx Reply

    And they were one play from losing that game

    Boss of the Bosses Reply

    And Seattle is undefeated?

Rylan Vaughn Allison Hendricks Reply

13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

Boss of the Bosses Reply

Probably 33-10 seahawks

    Boss of the Bosses Reply

    @Gaming Pro The 9er loss actually stung a lil.

    Gaming Pro Reply

    @Boss of the Bosses yea I agree with all the messages from them 😂

    Boss of the Bosses Reply

    @Sam Gioffre lions & redskins? 2 in a row.

    Sam Gioffre Reply

    @Boss of the Bosses panthers

    Rocco1123 Reply

    @Boss of the Bosses 240 views. Plus its 330 on a Friday, so depending on peoples jobs havent hopped on Yt yet. 🤣🤣


They moved the game into SNF.

Taulant H Reply

“9 times out of 10”

    Boss of the Bosses Reply

    AFC = Arizona Fried Chickens (Formerly known as the cardinals). Seahawks 35, AFC 13

The Dude Reply

We can beat these guys!! Let’s Go!!! 💪

Slumped • Reply

All these seahawks fans thinking theyre just gonna destroy us like we did the cowboys as if theyre defense isnt bottom 5 in the league … we gotta go out there and show them we are for real

    Percze Silviu Reply

    No , I’m a hawks fan but I think will be a close game. I also like this team and I’m happy to see how good they are this year

Alex Fernandez Reply

Sunday night football let’s goooo back to back prime time games👍💪🙂😮

Slumped • Reply

I dont see why these media members care so much to ask about contract talks like they arent gonna tell you stop asking 😂

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