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This game was the representation of the browns season this year


    only delusional fans thought the Browns were going 11-5 or to the Super Bowl, regardless of the talent you still need to utilise it in the correct manner. it was an unproven team with an unproven coach. there was no ways they were going to the play offs this season and the season further validated that. good lesson has been learned, don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

    Cassie Leon

    A disappointment

    Russell Cole

    A D they were trash start of the season good mid season and bad end season

    Russell Cole

    Imagine bengals and dolphins in playoffs

    shawn. w

    @Defcat they can still go to the Superbowl tickets are still on sale 😂

Baby Yoda

Who Dey let’s go bring Andy’s final game a win


    Not even close to his final game. They tried to bench him in the middle of the season and he literally just told them no and kept playing. Dalton runs that team, not the coah

    Joe Cool Berry

    Top5 Nah, they put Dalton in when the backup was garbage and they realized it wasn’t Daltons’s fault that everyone around was total crap


    @Cletus Anfernee Jackson There is no way on earth the Bengals will draft anyone other than Joe Burrow. They already drafted a lineman last year. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to keep Dalton around to mentor Burrow if there is cap room for it. But Burrow will be our franchise quarterback. That is indisputable.

    Cletus Anfernee Jackson

    @TheStapleGunKid He may be a Raider

    Asante Sacko

    Still it time for a change at QB and I should know I’m a Bengals fan

The InvictusSamaritan

This win was encouraging for us LSU Fans 😊


    Cincy will be a great home for Burrow (:


    @Wreckful Aj green will be franchised tagged! & then signed to a 3-4 year deal. Hes staying in cincy! This is home for him


    Eww LSU


    Does it matter tbh the Bengals still suck but well I guess if you hope enough they might not be so pathetic lol

    Camile Erickson

    Yessss lets go LSU!!!

Omni Pepper

Browns are a good team on paper. Too bad the NFL is an Ocean

    JEFF -

    Baker Mayfield should be traded to Tampa or Las Vegas.

    Omni Pepper

    Worthy Killaz you’re right. That’s what I meant

    Omni Pepper

    Edward Gaines My poetic genius cannot be comprehended by your simple mind

    Bro how mad are you LOL

    @Edward Gaines how is it hard to understand?

George Ferrera

NFL: Bengals have the first pick
Bengals: Ight let’s beat those clowns


    I would have liked but it’s at 666 soooo


    Browns ended this game like…well, like the Browns.


    @Chris W lol wanna bet they finish less than 8-8 with burrow. all these top prospects are overrated the first year.

    Chesscom Support

    Bengals: Iight let’s get 3 more picks.


Why is anyone surprised that a BAKER is producing many TURNOVERS? 🙂

    Kirk Cousins is Trash #4-26 against winnig teams

    MrUHOH415 Jamies at least has the talent, picking Baker at 1 was the biggest reach in NFL history. Dude is a middle class Case Keenum

    Chazz Treat

    I love it I freaking love


    @Jeff Jeffries I think you missed the joke

    Brendan Gibson

    @MrUHOH415 the difference is Jameis throws touchdowns


    Hello Cleveland pastry chef Baker Mayfield serving some Apple TURNOVERS!


I saw dolphins beat the patriots
And I saw bengals beat browns

    SKI 1709

    Robert Hummel pats didn’t avoid Baltimore they just embarrassed themselves

    Ceiling Fans of the Pacific Southwest

    49ers beat the Seahawks


    Jets beat the Bills I heard

    Mike. J

    6LACK LORD to be fair, Josh Allen didn’t play a whole lot and they could rest starters cuz they already had a spot locked uo


    IM 14

Senya -

Andy Dalton saw Joe Burrow yesterday and realised he is about to be out of a job.

    Christopher C

    That trade that could have made around his birthday (instead of being benched) is possible in the offseason.

    Edward Gaines

    Andy had a good run. He should be proud.


    @Edward Gaines says the guy who hated on him under another comment here. stfu

    sour airhead

    He’s gonna most likely be starting somewhere next year.


    Edward Gaines what? 0 division wins, 0 pro bowls nothing

Yohei Mito

Baker had more commercials than wins this season 😂😂


    Nice stealing Stephen A Smiths line and not having one of your own 😅

    John Doe


    John Doe


    benny pitt

    Seems like they’ve had more coaches than wins over the past decade too.


    It’s all about that money 💰

Random Person

I remember people saying browns are serious super bowl contenders😂💀

    Kurtis Clark

    Charles Higgins do you not understand how bad a qb could be with bad coaching? Did you see Aron Rodgers with McCarthy last year? It’s not baker lol. It’s the o line and offensive schemes


    @SpiralstaircaseTV Its gonna take time to develop culture, considering it’s technically an expansion team still lmao. The original “Browns” are doing just fine which kinda sucks for Cleveland fans 😂😂

    B N

    @Ares Goldberg Lmaooo. It was way more than three people. It was majority of Browns fans. Y’all just realized how stupid you sounded and now are pulling the “I never said that” bullshit.

    Ares Goldberg

    @B N Nope. Not at all. You just want that to rub it in people’s faces. That was not a thing.

A New Type

Nick Chubb has been the only consistent thing on offense and they still underuse him 🤣🤣

    A New Type

    osareafallire the man was avg 100s yards a game just give him 22 touches and he will deliver


    @A New Type Not Chubb. He’s solid. I meant the Brown-eyes.

    A New Type

    osareafallire ah

    Ayy lmao

    A New Type Jarvis Landry?

Christopher Scipio

Browns : we’re good now cuz we have money

Also the browns:

    George Ferrera

    Lmfaoo What?

    ThaSouth Garcon

    What??? 😂😂😂

    Covelight 1

    Hulu asking Mayfield when they gonna get “that money” back

    Josh Clark

    But they obj 😆

john doe

O’dell needs to get out of Cleveland before he ends up like aj green.

    Arav Bhatt

    stfu aj green went to the postseason cincinnati >>> cleveland


    @D B Football is a TEAM sport u idiot………….


    @Scott Rhoads It’s quit obvious that you haven’t followed his whole career …….please continue to follow the sorry Browns……

    B N

    @john doe See. You’re probably one of those people who think OBJ is elite because he has those catches like once a season. OVERALL, he is not the best receiver. Landry has that spot on the team.

    B N

    @BrickCity101 Hes right tho…. Landry is. OBJ is an overrated diva.

Stan ezen

Mans called him OBD lmao😂😂😂

    johnell lewis

    Stan ezen 😂

    Danang Dwiatma


    Kyle Dunnell

    Odell Beckham Dunior


    Ooh baby I like it rawwwww!!

Tyler Birch

Baker Mayfield is your create a player playing on All Madden when you should be on Pro.

    Michael Ogbebor

    Tyler Birch bruhh💀💀

    Caleb Robinson


    Navon Myhand

    Losing to a 72 overall team at best too

    Layth Hill

    More like rookie

Karsten Binkley

Remember when Cleveland was suppose to be “good” this year lol

    Joey Jamison

    No, I don’t remember that. And neither did they.


    They weren’t just predicted to be “good” they were suppose to be super bowl champs 😂

Christian Hostetler

Can’t wait for the latest edition of
This Week in Sportsball

one of ya boys

Bob Menery: *Annnnnnd that’ll make them the 2nd OHIO team to “throw” the FUKKING game away this weekend* 🤣🤣🤣

Justin Butcher

he called him ODB lol

Anyone remember listening to some ODB back in the day? Ol’ Dirty Bastard 😂

    Ryan Maliek

    Justin Butcher Baby I got your money!

    Shadow Glitch


Anti Murphy

They dont call them the “Cleveland Clowns” for nothing

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