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Kevin Love


    Neeny Weeny

    Yeah cheat on a team like the ravens….. Patriots can’t even cheat right lol😂😂😂😂

Isiah Mitchell

So the Dolphins lose to almost every team in the NFL and they find a way to beat the 6 time champ Patriots😂😂

    Leo Billante

    Well, the head coach of the Dolphins was the defensive coordinator for the Patriots last year.

    Brian Driftwood

    @Mat Hemsley or Norwich


    Javier Serrano the patriots are not as good this year but Tom has lost 2 games home in his whole career. He’s the best and doesn’t need to cheat.


    TJ Stacks they lost players but Edelman is definitely not overrated and Tom is still great.

    Fanata69 Fan

    @Mat Hemsley no liverpool won the champions league Chelsea was 2012 ynwa

TexasDragon 1995

Dolphins: So you gonna lose at our house again?
Patriots: Nah, lose at ours. It keeps things interesting.

    Michael Johnson

    TexasDragon 1995 rigged


    Michael Johnson 🧂

    Toa Ninjis

    @Michael Johnson someone’s salty

Marco 0

After a season full of disappointments all i have to say is: THANK YOU MIAMI, this W is so sweet! Dolphins forever! 👊🏼

    Onion Head

    Thank the beard. Fitz really is magic and the best QB the fins have had in decades.

    The Fate of Slate

    Indeed, this win is awesome.


    fins up

    Tom Johnson

    To bad they will never get more than 6 wins in a season

David Sadovitch

When you try pulling a Miami miracle on Miami…

    Mikey Arnold

    Couldn’t of said it better

    stk_ austin

    Fr they tried to get us back but defence was good

    CXB !!



    David Sadovitch they had more lats then we did and they still couldn’t pull through

    michael Castle

    Miami can relish once again for beating the Pats in a close one just like last year. But Miami is back home 5-11 and the Patriots are in the playoffs and anything is possible once you’re in the playoffs especially when you’re New England. So congrats to the Dolphins for upsetting the playoff picture, that’s all they’ve done this year and nothing more. Oh, and don’t forget people that last year the Patriots went on to win the Superbowl after being counted out over and over and over again. lmao

Mr McNada

Dolphins: Ah Can’t Wait To Get Tua

“ Tua Gets Injured “

Dolphins: Let’s Beat Good Teams Now

    1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!


    Steve Mason

    @David Reed + Nah. He’s going to decide to go in the Draft. I don’t see him going back to Bama….

    Steve Mason

    @Potandthekettle + Trevor Lawrence is wayyy overrated. If I was to wait for a QB till 2021 then I’m going for Justin Fields QB from Ohio State he’s better not feeling Lawrence at all I don’t see why everyones talkin’ bout him Not that good when I watch him..


    @Steve Mason You’re absolutely blind then. I seriously doubt you’ll ever say how he’s overrated lol

    Strawberry Boi

    Miami is now saying

    “Execute order 66”


Miami: America, you’re welcome.

    Is That Trapoz?

    The Seahawks have thanked you

    SML 2K18

    We bengals fans are still happy for you guys after last week for completing our #bungleforburrow

    Jarel Ross

    @iraje hall No, I did not have a sad life because my Broncos won yesterday as well.

    Sean Wilson

    @Edmund Schrag LOL

    Wiser Greener

    Chicago: Thank You!

Diet Water

Dolphins 2016: Thank you Kansas City!

Cheifs 2019: Thank you Miami!


    SVGAR SKVLL like it matters, go do something with yourself

    The Fate of Slate

    Chiefs just please beat Lamar again😂

    I can't let you get close

    @SVGAR SKVLL Glad you censored. It would’ve been horrible thing if you swore in youtube comments.

    Sean Wilson


    Chris Olivarez

    Diet Water took some time but Miami was like Ight I got you bro


I remember my Eagles losing to this team and I was so embarrassed. Man how one month can change EVERYTHING. Dolphins hope you amazing success next year. Your team plays with a lot of finesse and are very exciting to watch


    We gotta beat Seattle now


    what an honor! we got the owner of the eagles here everybody.

    Tristan Catlett

    I got a lot of flak from Patriots fans when the Dolphins beat the Eagles. Now guess what I get to do. 🙂

    Soda King

    @Juanite J95 won’t even come close to the 2007 new York Giants which I personally think in the modern Superbowl era was the biggest Superbowl upset since the 1968 new York Jets


    TripleYeet No offense this is a proud Cowboys fan who finished 2nd with 8 – 8 saying guess what happened last time Seahawks tore up the Eagles before Thanksgiving and y’all ate our 17 to 9 L let’s see what happens in this bird fight rematch

Richie V.

dolphins owner: They think we are tanking, we gotta beat the Patriots.

Los Boiis

*Dolphins score with 25 seconds left*
Gillette Stadium:😶

    Godzilla Games

    Arrowhead 🤭😁😂🤣


    @Godzilla Games I was so happy when it happened

Joe Swanson

what in the hell was that ending lmao. looking like a high school team with that kind of play.


    Brady threw TWO forward passes on that play, the second one was NOT a lateral or backward pass. They let it slide.

    William Thompson

    NeverTalkToCops1 he was behind the line

    Nick Morgan

    @NeverTalkToCops1 I think you’re right but had it resulted in a score you know for sure it would have been reviewed and overturned.


    i just heard the benny hill theme play


Thank you Dolphins!
From: Everyone

    Soda King

    @Chucky Black trust me long term you will be thanking the dolphins for this shock upset makes the Patriots have to play another game and even more important there not even second seed so they won’t enjoy home field should they face cheifs or Ravens you know the two teams in the AFC Post season that can beat them I honestly think a big part of the success for the Patriots in this century was home field yes they could win games on the road but they were alot tougher to beat at home

    Austin Madore

    Chucky Black y’all are way too cocky

    Chucky Black

    @Austin Madore Not at all. I’m just saying we have the Number 1 seed. I rather KC not getting rest more than Pats. Doesn’t matter tho. We ain’t scared of anyone.

    Chucky Black

    @Soda King We have 1 seed no matter if pats Won yesterday or not.

Kyle Wit

This is Miami’s way of determining who gets to come to their house when they’re not home

    Allen Cooke

    LMAO so True

    Mauricio Joyel

    lol so I guess Baltimore’s invited but not the Patriots or Eagles

    Sean Wilson

    Too FUNNY

    Soda King

    Yea looks like NFC championship showdown 49ers v saints and AFC championship showdown cheifs vrs Ravens Superbowl 54 49ers v Ravens

Christian Ramos

Patriots: Nobody can beat us at home

Dolphins and Chiefs: 💪🤝


    Chiefs got bailed out by blatant Refball last time. Don’t even pretend otherwise.

    Why is it so stressful being a colts and cubs fan.

    @RH gamer like you guys? Bielive me, new england always fixes their mistakes. Just watch.😄


    Harborx NE first scoring drive was aided by two bogus PI calls so let’s not spin it as the Pats being ref victims.

    Christian Ramos

    @Zair Morningstar How is that the Chiefs’ fault?


    I love that when one thing could have gone a different way roughly halfway through the game, to idiotic opposing team that means everything after that even would have stayed the same. You guys are just plain ignorant. Ever heard of the butterfly effect? It has a name for a reason…

Jon Heinly

Patriots: We beat you by over 40 last time

Dolphins: … emphasis on last time 😉


Miami: here you go Titans, we gotta pass the torch now.


    Sean7 It was to help Tannehill 🙃

Logan Alvira

The Dolphins literally just saved the AFC and the entire playoffs lol.


    Logan Alvira your welcome

Sam M.

Patriots fans: “Brady is still elite”

Brady: *throws a pick 6 against the dolphins*

    Sam M.

    D B they’ll lose in the divisional round

    Denver Zips

    Everybody: Patriots defense carries them

    Patriots defense: Lets the dolphins score a TD with 24 seconds to go after Brady threw a TD

    Ernesto Gasulla

    He usually has a few brain farts in less meaningful games so he’s clean when it truly matters.

    Kevin McElroy

    @Ernesto Gasulla He’s actually got a bad record of interceptions in the playoffs. He’s 2 TDs per 1 interception in the post-season.

    Universal Nahlij Power Amun

    Denver Zips You are right on both. Pats D do carry them, and I’m not understanding why tf it’s always Brady won.

Jack Wemply

The enemy of my enemy, is a friend. Thank you Dolphins

– Chiefs fan –

    Zair Morningstar

    Hope ya win the super bowl weak asf

    Chris Di

    The refs were the chiefs friend during that KC NE game


    @Chris Di oh look we found another pats fan.

    If the refs aren’t playing for your team directly, the opposite team is. -Pats logic.

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