Browns Live: Wide Receivers Spotlight – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Stan ezen Reply


Tyler Neville Reply

Is odell hinting at something with the black and yellow visor

    G S Reply

    We’re trading him for tj watt

    jman17 Reply

    I don’t think so he said he wants to stay in Cleveland if he wanted a trade he would tell the media about it like he did in New York. Just a coincidence.

Rj S Reply

Browns need to get Earl Thomas

    JazzedHellcat Reply


    Daniel McGillivary Reply

    Why would you want that cancer in the locker room?

    ramanjit gill Reply

    No I hope we don’t and I don’t think we will. He is a headache. Seattle did sord of screw him over but he didn’t need to flick everyone off on his sideline on prime time tv. There is a place and a time. He is a locker room problem too. Not like the ones like Josh Gordon or Callaway but more so like Antonio Brown but not as good.

    fate7623 Reply

    Eric berry

76 Jaymoney76000 Skibee Ave Reply

Dawgggggg checkkkkkkk !!!! I really hope we actually get through the season with the whole covid thing going on ! I’m excited to see what my boys do this year ! I think baker will have a big year for sure though !! 216 stand up !!!!

Robert Brelson Reply

RIP Grant Delpit

    Robert Janko Reply

    this is really fuuuuu!

Rick Leo Reply

Brought to by flying j … really???… ha ha ha

Lucawithc Reply

360p? Cmn…. at least 720p is possible…
Looking like you filmed it with a toaster

kevin wiseman Reply

Keep throwing high over the middle baker, that will keep your WR’s happy

    Dylan Cheatham Reply


    Jim Harris Reply

    Some plays are designed to be high but almost every one has been very high. I know it’s early but that’s something he should be working too improve. His receivers are going to get frustrated with him.

Robert Janko Reply

Myles chasing Hunt. Shows that Myles is hot! Pls stay healthy!

Leroy Xiong Reply

The Browns will do better this season 💯

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