Browns Live: Football 101 – Deep Ball – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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ChoppaCal Reply

Dawg Pound let’s get it!

    j brooks 16 Reply

    ChoppaCal yessir

Rj S Reply

Earl thomas Earl thomas Earl thomas

    J Foster Reply

    But do we really need that toxic personality.

    Kubby Kush Reply

    @J Foster , I would just want to pick his brain and have him coach up our secondary seeing as how he is a ring of honor player and still could play at a pro bowl level given the right system and support as well as having him on the staff should be the goal afterwards seeing as how Ozzie basically built the Ravens , it would be nice to have the same.
    He needs to have an attitude , he’s a proven vet and that’s what helped him get this far and as far as toxic , all I see from past teammates is praise so everyone isn’t 100% all day , every day.

    J Foster Reply

    @Kubby Kush I would like that just as long as he ain’t fighting teammates lol.

Robert Janko Reply

Come on: is it so hard to upload a vid in HQ ? 360p is a bad joke and like C ovid for the eyes!

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