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Don’t need to learn anymore Freddie, need to move on and get a better more experienced coach sooner than later.


need to learn from are mistakes? ITS WEEK 17!!!

born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

As a Raven fan, I hope Freddie stays as the head coach.


    Please no. You guys will beat us with a baseball bat

    cold spring

    been watching the ravens….good play…but i noticed something sunday…at least you had a good season

T 3

You’re done

Lil Hito

Freddie this is always the same mistakes the problem is you

Brian Springman

You’re the mistake. No debate. Period.

Lo 1X

Freddie all the guys that know how to win YOU DONT PLAY

David Duffy

WE are continuing to learn, Or YOU are continuing to learn!


    I mean isn’t he a rookie NFL coach?😂

stickinit totheman

Hire a clock management coach!

Dujuan Moore

Man I hope they are done with this bum!! He is not a head coach!!

John Smith

ITS WEEK 17!!!!! “We need to learn from our mistakes” ? You mean you and Baker’s mistakes!

James S.

Ah yes, because the defense is calling the wrong plays and isn’t controlling/disciplining the locker room properly.

Get out of this franchise already you lazy dimwitted clown.

Lashonda Lampkin

i follow the same thing your saying Freddie
I love your team i never been to one of your games but I still love your team

Roy Turner

Freddie take notes we are going to play smash mouth 🏈 run 🏈 take time off the ⏰

    Roy Turner

    Use the running game 2 set up play actions less nickel and dime their asses 2 set everything up have a game plan, let go defense u are being paid 2 hit somebody legally with out fines 😂😅😂

Dave3000 Dave3000

Cincinnati learned from the first game too Freddie………you goin’ down pal!!!

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