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Forrest Smith

Boston Scott looks like he could be kyler Murray’s brothe

Fred Scott

Boston Scott is one of the best rookies this year. I’m short 5-6 they told me that i was to short,but Boston Scott is showing that you can. FLY EAGLES FLY

    Badd Babylon

    He’s not a rookie

    Fred Scott

    @Badd Babylon I thought he was my bag.

    Ashton Swartz

    @Badd Babylon I was just about to do that

Badd Babylon

Scott, Sanders, Howard is a 3 headed monster

    Simi 615

    Yes indeed!

    Dewitt McDidditt

    Underdogs still got some bite!

    Antonio Moses

    Man these young cats ballin and showing up to play!

    Emmanuel Soriano-Carrillo

    Hopefully we can still keep Clement. He’s been hurt these last couple years but he has heart. Especially when he’s lower on the depth chart. Those 4 running backs would be dominant!

    Badd Babylon

    @Emmanuel Soriano-Carrillo I’m definitely a big Clement fan & thought he might become our lead back after the Superbowl but he’s kind of a great value Miles Sanders so I don’t think he will be on the team next season unfortunately. Sucks bc he grew up an Eagles fan.. Hope he gets a good opportunity elsewhere though!

Emmet Fanatic 2019


Marlin Roth

I like this dude

kitdacraze deadbydaylight

Former saints

God works in mysterious ways brother … players who repping God and football
Amen Scott

Simi 615

Boston Scott you are awesome! Philly loves you!

E.N.C Network26

So he’s basically Darren Sproles replacement

    helicopter weewee

    More or less. Sproles was more explosive though…

Robert L

Love this young man.
What an great addition to the eagles family.


Never Ever Give Up Boston Scott..

Tiji Thomas

Love hard working focused dudes like Boston! Love our Eagles!! FEF!!! 🦅🦅🦅

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