Analyzing the Giants Matchup: Episode 17 | Eagles Game Plan (Week 17, 2019) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Enrique Alfaro


Taze Eva3K

fly eagles fly


philly nationnn

Edward Mears

The Giant’s are not worried about positioning themselves for a draft spot.
The Giants would love to play as Spoilers, and ruin the Eagles post season trip. The Giants will be playing as if they’re playing for an NFC Championship.

Shannon Engles

Let’s HOPE the Eagles WIN!!!!!!

George Sciblo jr


Jitbag Jabroni

Ol’ Walk it to em’ is fixin to clap some giant cheeks this sunday.

    LordAlmighty 123

    Jitbag Jabroni Hell yeah


Giants don’t want the W bad enough, our young boys are hungry and Wentz can deliver the ball to them so they can make plays all day.

brandon norton

Sidney Jones might just be the burst we need at corner. With a confidence boost, if he could get back to the level he played in college before the injury. We might not need to draft a corner with our 1st.

    Spiiralz ! !

    We’ve been saying that for a couple years now and it hasn’t translated at all , he adds good depth but with Darby gone next season we definitely do need a CB in the draft

LordAlmighty 123

Lemme get that eagles sweater Doug Peterson’s wearing

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