Bill O’Brien: We’ll show up next year and battle again || Houston Texans Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Hopefully their won’t be no next year for him

Jaciel Cisneros

You and crennel get out of Houston!!!!

Patrick Bruno

Get him off the team I’m tired of this

    Justin Peters

    Patrick Bruno hey can you see me in the comments just tell me ?

    Patrick Bruno

    Justin Peters yes


We should get rid of him been a fan since 2015 And he just let’s us down every time


    S and M naw bro that was all Watson and team he makes bad plays I’ve witnessed it so ye

    S and M

    JorgeFor500 true but who called the plays Watson just gets lucky he doesn’t get sacked


    S and M Watson ain’t lucky he just got that Dog in him

    George Washington

    What about 2014? You weren’t a fan then?

    George Washington

    @JorgeFor500 You contradicted yourself. If it was the coach’s fault the team lost, you can’t give Watson credit for getting the team to the playoffs. It is one or the other.

    But I agree with you. The coach made some bad decisions halfway through the 2nd quarter and he should be fired.


Our defense couldn’t stop a Prius with Amtrak train brakes!…changes from coaching on down has to come today!


Went for a fake punt in his own 30 against the best offense in the league.


    @Austin Dixon Kicking the field put them up four scores while totally dominating. Nothing wrong with the call in and of itself however, his claim that they couldn’t get the play in on time because he was considering challenging the spot was idiotic since they were obviously short of the first down. He also loses all credibility when he claimed they faked the punt because they knew they’d need more than 24 points to win because if that was his actual reasoning then it contradicts kicking the field goal. The bottom line is that he’s a buffoon as a head coach.

    Arnold Kintu

    @Austin Dixon bingo that play pissed me off more than anything

    Love Steelers

    @Austin Dixon d

    H-Town Lifer

    Unnacceptable…for a number of reasons

    Because J.

    enough said. anyone defending Coach O’Brien either doesn’t know football or doesn’t know football.


The comments are tellin’ the truth. He’s not the right person for the job. We need an actual head coach and an actual GM. We’re relying on our talent, but when you have a coach who can’t make his mind up what good does that do?


    Yes he will never get the Texans to the SB!! He just a coordinator and he isn’t very good at that

    TigerTexan Super Fan

    When is someone gonna tell this fool O’Brian that this isnt college anymore and this sure as hell ain’t Penn State?

TheBeast lol

You need to get your bags, and get the hell out. Then Texans, hire Lincoln Riley

    TigerTexan Super Fan

    He better not step foot in Houston he liabile to get shot. I’m done with him and Cranel.


Like – If you refuse to support this organization any further unless Bill O’Brien is fired.

    ALFredo C

    Houston should have kept the Oilers!

    ALFredo C

    Bruce Wayne Sean Payton is an @$$hole and he still can’t get it done.

    H-Town Lifer


    John Sosa

    @ALFredo C Peyton’s already done it once with the Saints duh

    John Sosa

    @ALFredo C it wasn’t up to Houston to keep the Oilers. The orders were taken away from Houston by the old Departed helmet head owner

Michael Saxon

Sad that all our guys have to overcome their coaches to have a chance !!!!!

Tiger Macc

U won’t be here next year


    No he’s like Cal McNairs little baby sadly he’ll be here


    @Spideroh2 yes you are right

    Matthew Thomas-erwin

    Thedarknate08 BRADY TOO THE COLTS


Our defense and secondary scored our touchdowns…offense didnt do anything we should of won this game


    Deshaun three 2 tds n ran for 1

Chris 420

I’m disappointed. How can you lose a 24 point lead.

    TigerTexan Super Fan

    @Jacob Wells not looking like a bad Texans fan, KC deserved that win when we couldn’t capitalize on 24-0 lead. The coaches decisions decided that game. KC deserved the win when we play like that.

    Jacob Wells

    @TigerTexan Super Fan Word. Looking forward to more Watson. Great player, better person.

    TigerTexan Super Fan

    @Jacob Wells he was a great QB in Clemson and why I followed him to the Texans. BUT…. his coaching was better at Clemson Both for offense and defense. Until they hire 2 coaches that can calls plays like them, we’ll never thrive.

    Aesthetic Medic

    Cause this team sucks


    Eazy have Billy Bob as your coach

Tim Ryan

He came to bring an offense. He traded away the future and the defense.

    Julian Erikson

    And yet he’s STILL garbage on offense.

Jason Mathew

We’re just wasting prime Watson years smh, go get a real coach.


    They already wasted Watt prime as well


    Sometimescloudy sadly that is true 😭

Tokka 00

How many years of d4s career y’all gonna let this man waste!?! Fire this dude!!!

    Tokka 00

    S and M all I’m saying is qbs like d4 don’t come around that often, the type to take your team to a sb and under bob the Texans will fall to superior coaching

    Quinn Williams

    @S and M O’Brien is not the guy, what more proof do fans like you need? What are ya’ll scared of???.Lol…There’s coaches out here that’s better than him and crennel.


    Tokka 00 and jj watt

    Chad Scott

    @S and M he embarrass the city in 4 of the 6 playoffs games. He ain the one.

Candy Cane Network

I’m over the excuses!!!!

Noah Lane

He’s gonna stay the “almost” coach as long as we keep him. Fire BoB


    The guy refuses to have a real OC who calls plays and he didn’t even have a play for a 4th and 1 situation in a playoff game. How was he not fired after that sentence is beyond me?

    How many embarrassing playoff losses do we need to suffer through before this team moves on?

    JayDub Wasted

    Lmao #thealmostcoach

    H-Town Lifer

    I wish Bob McNair was still alive to see how Jerry let Jason G down slow….Cal aint gonna do that

EVE loves youtube

Get BOB off this team killing us i swear


Hire a got dam offense coordinator

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