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Season Review: Rookies

Tori Petry, Tim Twentyman and Mike O'Hara break down how the Lions' 2019 rookie class fared in their first season.

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Luke Theis

They have good rookies and first one to comment

    Elijah Roberts

    Mmmm….. they dont have good rookie but keep telling yourself that.

    Mark G.

    They have some average rookies and idiots at GM and head coach.

    MC GB

    Luke Theis L

Elijah Roberts

Yet another biased lions made video. Also more poor audio from this AV crew. Disgusting

    Thunder/Michigan/Lions fan

    Biased? They literally just gave their positives and negatives for each player lol

    Elijah Roberts

    @Thunder/Michigan/Lions fan which were mostly positive even tho reality was mostly negative.

Shoff 29

I would prefer JT play MLB than Davis.

Fôrtñïtê Šüçkß

Amani has a bright future

Mike McNally

Man I really hope my lions pick it up next year please do something please make moves draft good do the right things n win win win ………….

    Mark G.

    I don’t trust Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia is clueless.

Mark G.

Do the Lions still have a clown coach…..yes, well get ready for another losing season. Don’t be surprised if Bob Quinn trades that 3rd pick to New England for some washed up Patriot player.

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