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Emperor Palpatine

They really could’ve used those three points at the end of the half. Horrible coaching by Belichick today.

    Rick Rush

    @DeadMoNeyProductions BP Agree

    KY Tha Kraken

    @Peter K Kraus he was too.. Was terrible I’m that eagles superbowl.. That’s who they picked on and killed all superbowl.. So yes rowe is trash..


    Emperor Palpatine unbelievable! Tom Brady is as good at running the 2 minute drill as anyone in the history of the league, and to not give him a chance to put up points with 2 timeouts is just fucked up.

    How pissed was Tom I wonder?



    Jake Shattuck

    Nathaniel Kerns I wouldn’t say Gilmore slacked. He had a larger, faster opponent lined up on him all day and couldn’t stop him. They should have considered swapping Gilmore to shut down a lesser WR and doubled that kid.

Emperor Palpatine

Brian Flores coached with more heart today than Belichick.

    Chris Brown

    @Richard Bosh yeah, 20 years is a terrible run 🙄

    Trolley The Troll


    Joshua White

    Brian flores coached with darker skin today than belichick..

    Jake Shattuck

    Did Sony Michel play a snap in the first half? I believe he only played in the red zone in the third. JE11 rested, Gilmore was left to deal with their #11 who ate him alive all day…they weren’t really coached to win. Gilmore should have been swapped to a lesser WR so another corner could get safety help on 11.


Makes no sense why we didn’t call a timeout before they punted the ball at half. Could of had 1:30 left with 2 time outs.


    Kyle This is true, but you could have also risked getting an interception or fumble. Brady didn’t play good today and they weren’t confident.

    The Guy Who Complains

    Z28Gaming That doesn’t matter. To win a game of football, you take risks. Bill played like he wanted to lose and screw the patriots over and I bet he blamed the players instead of himself.


    The Guy Who Complains Dude really? You think Belichick wanted to lose? That’s absolutely wrong. The guy hates losing and has the most Super Bowl wins over any coach. He’s also in 3rd for the most wins in history. Yeah, I’m sure he purposely lost the game. 🙄 He also knows how to coach better than all of us. You sound like an idiot.

    Thomas Matthews

    Z28Gaming he wants Brady gone

    Georgia Watson

    *could have*


Bill ” If we would of gotten a first down” Belichick.

    Georgia Watson

    *would have*


Belichick, I love you man, but that crap at the end of the first half might have cost us the season. What was that?! I never know him to make a mistake like that. Was it ego? Did he think all he had to do was make halftime adjustments and we’d win for sure? So he just… Let the clock run… Well we didn’t win, and we may very well have if we took that opportunity at the end of the first half to do something. Our season may be over because of that mistake. Shocking.


    You can’t look at it that way. If he tried to rush down the field, Brady may have thrown another interception. He didn’t play good today and maybe he wanted to get the half done with. We don’t know the situation and you can’t speculate that they would have scored. It would have been 50/50. You should be more concerned with the defense failing to stop a 4-11 team.


    @sevenrats no, Belechick got rid of receivers his year that could have made the difference. Gordon the number one case in point. He made it impossible for Brady to do anything this entire season. It is so obvious. And no, without Brady Belechick is done. Just like Michigan was done without Brady.

    Donnie Warren

    @Mike James Bill was a mediocre head coach before Brady arrived. A case can be made that Bill wouldnt be where he is if he didnt decide to go with Brady over Bledsoe.

    Jake Shattuck

    You have to run some clock in the first set of downs just in case of a three-and-out. The worst thing they could have done was rushed in and had to punt with over a minute left. While slipping 3 on the board is the goal, preventing 3 OR MORE the other way is paramount.

Mike Curialle

Didnt play to win like a playoff game.

    Ginger Hunter

    Didn’t seem like it

    Rafael Morales

    I feel like they wanted to avoid injuries to have everybody healthy for next week

    Dev Carter

    Patriots surely did not play with a sense of purpose.

EaST CoAsT MaCHete

It’s always 1 play that leaves points on the board 😤

Damgood 75

TRASH!!! Had an extra day of rest.. and you lost to the Dholphins..

    Joshua White

    Dude we are 12-4 sit the fuk down.. (SMACK)

    408 made i

    Dolphins are on rise mfs


    @Joshua White yeah but yall gonna lose before you get to the superbowl…yall just aint the same team as you used to be once you started facing good teams this year

    bmore charmcity1990

    how are the dolphins on the rise when they only won four games this year you Patriots fans are way too delusional

    Jake Shattuck

    So instead of a bye week, they have to play wild card weekend and IF they win go on the road the following week. The only way Championship Sunday happens in Foxboro is if two undergoes win.

Veronica L. Brümmer

Question is: Do you really want that opportunity Bill???? Or are you just tired and want to go on vacation????

Michéal O' Caoinlean

Poor all round today but BB has to take the most blame for the loss.

Tony Dobbs

Welcome to the wonderful world of wild card playoffs…

Ivan Denike

Sanu damaged goods.


    CHILL OUT SAVING our secrets for playoffs!!!

    KY Tha Kraken

    Don’t worry.. Was only a second round pick sent for him.. -.- got fleeced on that deal bill lol

    I am a faggot U said it not me

    Ivan Denike that’s why they got rid of him he’s old and washed up


    @KY Tha Kraken
    Yeah, a number 2 for a guy that can’t get open, run routes, or catch.
    A number 2 should get you a #1 receiver at the end of his career.

KY Tha Kraken

I get coach flores played for NE for many years so he knows the team well and what to attack etc.. But how in the F&$# do you lose to fitz magic and the dolphins.. They will have a top 2 or 3 pick.. What in the world.. -.-

    Michael Ric

    Fitz can ball. That’s a fact.

    KY Tha Kraken

    @Michael Ric I guess he’s such a baller is why 8 other teams have had him huh… Balled so hard to get sent to another team..gtfo. Knock on fitz is he can string a few good games out the year but never mounts to much.. Shouldn’t lost to this chump regardless lol


    @KY Tha Kraken lol your so mad.


    @KY Tha Kraken
    Fitz has limited skills but a lot of heart. It would have been easy to roll over, get back to Miami, check out, save your body but they competed.

Fred Thomas

How can you hold the ball damn near a whole hour and still ain nobody open

    basketballplayer101 02

    😂😂🤣dude exactly what I’m saying bro


    Cuz we have the worst receiving core in the league…at least worse than Miami’s anyway smh 🙄


Despite how good bill is, he still is the biggest sore loser in sports…. when he loses, it’s impossible to get anything informational out of him.

One big Dude

More salt in this press conference than in The Atlantic ocean


:047 “What’s that again?” 😂

“It’s our last play, we’re just trying to find a way to score.” In other words…Look man, I don’t know. We’re just trying a Miami miracle to score. Sit down and stop asking me stupid questions. 🤣

    david sanders



2009 again, Henry about to turn into Ray Rice next week 😂


    Who’s henry

    Raj Mathai

    @Garbanzo123 derrick henry. unless ur just messing!

Charly Gr. v.L.

👍👍🏈   Bill, it is really difficult to formulate something if in the last few minutes … – unfortunately – C’est la vie 😶.    You all – have a good recovery time and WE ALL LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEXT GAME  !!!
We all here – wish you, Bill, the entire team and the organization (+ families) –

Dominick Holden

You didn’t “do your job” Belichick.

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