Bill Belichick on Elandon Roberts at fullback & Stephon Gilmore’s work ethic | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bill Belichick on Elandon Roberts at fullback & Stephon Gilmore’s work ethic | Press Conference

Bill Belichick met with the media ahead of Sunday's game vs. the Miami Dolphins and discussed Elandon Roberts stepping up to the role of fullback, Stephon Gilmore's DPOY buzz, preparing for Sunday's matchup with the Dolphins & more.

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Morten Schmidt


Gauth Gronk



Was bill smiling?


    metalmario no

    Benjamin Luebberst

    Yea…watched an old man falling down a flight of stairs while holding a puppy just before he walked on stage



Mighty Mouse

I am so happy because I am sitting in row six on the pats side at the game hopefully the pats win 😆😆😆

    Trolley The Troll

    I’ll give you 100$ if you streak on the field…..

    Benny C

    @MINORE MOUNGER what does that matter? It’s the NFL. Any team can win or lose on any given game day. Especially when it comes to divisional rivalries.


    @Benny C True……..

    Benjamin Luebberst

    Anybody know that the dolphins hold the lead in head to head matchups against the patriots…55-53 in favor of the dolphins.
    I’m not sure how any divisional rivalry is a given.


    Mighty Mouse noce


Ok the Dolphins may have been good for some games, but that doesn’t mean you guys will lose, they only have four wins. And so what if the Dolphins beat you last year you guys are flippin beast. Go shrek them. GO PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

keenan walker

Gilmore is defensive player of the year hands down or van noys that guy is killing it

    Benjamin Luebberst

    Ryan Irwin- Diehl tj watt single handedly leading the best defense in the nfl this year….no wait that’s Gilmore

    Ryan Irwin- Diehl

    Benjamin Luebberst Wrong

    Benjamin Luebberst

    Ryan Irwin- Diehl so tj and the Steelers are the best defense…name 5 defensive categories they are top 3?
    Tj watt has sacks so you get to see him more than most defensive players. Don’t let your team biased interfere with actual stats.
    Watt had one sack and two tackles against a garbage jets team

    Ryan Irwin- Diehl

    Benjamin Luebberst And Gilmore had 2 picks against the worst offense in the NFL. See how we can cherry pick? The first eight games, the Pats played the worst offenses in the NFL. Dolphins, Redskins, the corpse of Big Ben, the Giants…. give me a break. TJ Watt is DPOY

    Jared Volle

    Ryan Irwin- Diehl lmao trying to compare two picks, with one of them being a pick six to a game with one sack? That’s makes no fucking sense, he’s ranked 2nd in passing rating against him, JC Jackson is first who is also on New England but he doesn’t take on the best receiver every game. Gilmore leads the league in interceptions and is one of three players with multiple pick sixes, how is he not DPOY

Erik Gaming

Put Hightower at fullback. He’ll be a good fullback

    Trolley The Troll

    So he can get hurt?

    h s.A


Derek Levesque

*on to Miami*

Omar Ghaffar

I’m as over the questions as Bill is. He gets asked the same stuff over and over and the reporters should know better!

Scuba Bro

These interviews are really like pulling teeth for Bill with the same stupid questions over and over! 😂

Daran Rice

Pats champs 2020

Ivory Billed

How many stupid questions can these dildos ask about the freaking fullback situation? Belichick’s doing what a great coach does: handle it with creativity. He’s looking good for a 67 year old. I see him coaching till at least 70.

Joseph Mellen

These so called journalists are pathetic.

Cris EX

Roberts at fullback hasn’t worked from what I’ve seen. I don’t watch film like the coach so maybe I’m missing him make good plays. I never see him making good blocks.

    Nicholas Holman

    Yeah you’re missing out. He has been as productive as Devlin when it comes to lead blocking. Michel is comfortable following him

    Benjamin Luebberst

    They haven’t put him in many schemes until the end of the year. I don’t think pats wanted to show that hand too early so they could have an edge come playoffs. Wouldn’t be surprised if he got some goal line hands off like devlin did occasionally

    Cris EX

    Our running game did look a lot better last week. Maybe Roberts deserves some credit for the turnaround. Have to see if we keep improving. Unfortunately Miami isn’t a good measuring stick. Won’t know for sure till playoffs start.

therion s

GO PATS!!!!!!!!!


Chess Master speaking listen up folks.

- Blythe

Bill looks chipper as hell today! 😁


    – Blythe Must’ve gotten laid all night

    - Blythe

    Ha ha Probably

Azamat Sharshenaly uulu

Who thinks that Bill will retire in the next 3 years?

Kirk Moore

Once again the camera jockey works his magic, this time in a stunning interview with the coach! Is there anything the camera crew can’t succeed at?

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