Bill Belichick Breaks Down “Hard-Nosed” Win Over Buffalo Bills – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Bill Belichick Breaks Down “Hard-Nosed” Win Over Buffalo Bills

Bill Belichick breaks down key defensive plays from John Simon, Kyle Van Noy, & J.C. Jackson, the run-game effort from Sony Michel & more top plays in the Patriots win over the Buffalo Bills.

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Gordan Bozic




michael reynolds

the host is talking to the camera not bill


We have a deep journey in the playoffs and we have to play like this more to impose our will with our offense

Psycho Logical

Let’s go get that #2 seed boys…GO PATS!

Mickey Finn

I’m taking fitzy and the points!!

    Jeff Fraley

    It’s magic baby!! Go Miami miracle 2.

    Person Man

    And I’m taking your “prediction” in the trash

Steven Kane

I’d like to see more breakdown on the plays that went wrong instead of the good ones.

    Sean Clark

    So would the rest of the playoffs seeds. Let them do their own homework 😂


    @Sean Clark lol true

    Steven Kane

    @Sean Clark The breakdown on good plays helps the other teams too idiot


    I’m sure coach saves that for the players on film day

    Aaron Kellison

    Steven Kane why are you calling him an idiot? His statement isn’t any less true. Relax.

Nick18 M

13-3 here we come


Where’s Scott Zolak?

    climate engineering is killing the eco system


    Big Belly Man

    @climate engineering is killing the eco system no days off!

Mason King

Bring zo back or I’m unsubbing

Tommy Taprell

Where’s Scotty?

    Person Man

    Tommy Taprell u mean David dobrik or what

    Edit: or is it Scott Zolak

    Tommy Taprell

    @Person Man scott zolak

Matthew Kleinman

Gotta get Zo back.

Stan Webb

Sony has to play more, Coach!!!!!! Please!!!!! Explain what happen to Dorsett!!!!!

585 PhArmy

This game came down to the trenches and the Bills line on both sides got bitched the whole game smh

pisko 21

cant wait to watch him break down plays after beating the ravens

    climate engineering is killing the eco system

    lets pray

The Entertainment world

Ok this is going to be a descion which to decide of the afc.

Sofiane Zeizae


    Aaron Kellison

    Sofiane Zeizae loser

Ollie Wick


Sean Clark

LFG!!!! Sights on Seven!

rich ernest

Go Navy fly off the ball!Coach is the General of victory bling.Believe in the scheme.

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