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Let’s goooo ZACHH


I’m sorry, doesn’t seem that impressive tbh. Not bad by any means, just not impressive.

MinePlay 512

Very unhappy with this pick. We should have got Justin Fields.


    Told u this was gonna happen better not see u trash him

    Kyle Rangerstown

    Justin fields sucks to don’t worry



Salem Jwayyed

I will believe it when I see it last 7 years same dream 😴

Matthew Alexander Lemma

Chris Simms says he sees a lot of Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers in this kid. I certainly hope he is right.

    Nicholas Gerolemou


    Nicholas Gerolemou


Kyle Rangerstown

Come on jets fans you know how this goes. Cya in a few years for another hype video on our next “savior” QB 😂


    He’s in a way different and better situation Darnold was put in so even if the qb curse hits him I think he would have some good seasons

    Kyle Rangerstown

    @LyleTheEgg idk we still have no O line and no top tier receivers. Gonna be same old terrible jets. Sam is a good QB and we will see that now that he’s on a nfl team. The jets are a D2 college team at this point

    Iestyn Fitzpatrick

    @Kyle Rangerstown The line is actually pretty decent now, and they will make another line pick tonight. Wilson’s blindside is covered by Becton and Vera-Tucker. Also he actually has good weapons especially compared to Trevor Lawrence and Mac Jones, he has Corey Davis who could give 1k yards this year, Crowder is a great slot receiver and if Mims stays healthy he will have a breakthrough year. As long as Zach Wilson himself lives up to the hype then he has got the pieces around him to be successful

    Kyle Rangerstown

    @Iestyn Fitzpatrick I hope your right man I guess we will find out soon tho. Hoping for the best


    @Kyle Rangerstown the line is decent. One more guy would be good. Crowder, Davis, and Mims, are great and solid. Defense is solid too we just need a cb

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