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Radames Prime

A new era. Let’s goooooooooo!!!

Vinny B

J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!!! Love Zach let’s go!! Z-A-C-H Zach Zach Zach!!!

Nick Hunter

I don’t see why he needed a mask but LET’S GOOOO ✈✈🔥

    Juan Figueroa

    @Brandon Hayduke what are you an antivaxer, flat earth Q boy? Have more respect for the over 500,000 people that died in the USA due to covid! Came to talk about football yet political hacks are here

    Julian Vazquez

    @Juan Figueroa people die, cry about it


    @E Bizzle No mask mandate doesn’t mean people don’t wear masks voluntary. See what’s happening in India now? go to your local hospital and see how many people die from COVID everyday. We’re fighting a pandemic, the least you can do is social distancing and wear a mask to help out.


    @Wot48 yep

    Luke D

    @E Bizzle vaccines?

Lee da Hitman

Welcome to NY Zach Wallst Wilson!!! 🗽✈️

Gang Green


    It's Snoopy


Sean Johnson


Ethan Lewellen

Jets should try getting Brady Christensen from BYU too. Solid O-lineman who protected Zach’s blindside


    too old


    mehki Becton and Alijah Vera Tucker got him locked up.

    Joe Bo

    you must not be a jets fan, we have a 21 year old stud blindside blocker

    Bryan Mortenson

    As a BYU fan Brady Christensen is a stud and a great protector. And unlike other players BYU player will play wherever you need them. You already have a great blindside blocker well put him on there other side. Protect Zach and magic will happen.

    Riley Michels

    They already have Mekhi Becton

Tom Smith

Welcome to the Jets Zach! We know the best is ahead!

Jeff Seewald

I feel his passion. I feel he’ll be a smart quarterback that will help turn around the Jets. Big play potential.

Matthew Colòn

Man im so pumped for this guy to play ball!

Brandon Tammany

I was weary of this move at first. But after listening to this kid talk. He is the real deal! In 10 minute interview I already believe in Mormon Mahomes more than I ever believed in Sammy

    Jordan Anderson

    Same man those Mormons sound legit


    I swear I said the same thing


    He is so much more confident than Sam ever was

    mike mailei

    im dead lol. cheering for my fellow churchman. rooting for you back here in utah.


    Mormon mahomes lmaoooo


I’ve never thought of myself as having an NFL team to root for because I live in Utah and mainly focus on college ball. Now I guess I’m a Jets fan! You guys got one heckuva QB and I’m so excited to see what this new staff, O-line, and receiving corps can do with him.

    Rick Nielson

    @Cnd11211 758 We Utah Jets fans get it but it’s all good. I’m moving to the Jets from being a Vikings fan where disappointment is a constant!

    Brandon L

    @Cnd11211 758 that’s why byu fans will make great jets fans. Lol

    Logan Bartolozzi

    Welcome too Jets Nation brother

    Ben DiNucci

    Mormon menace

    K P

    My story has been similar to yours: Living in Utah, mainly college football fan, but I’m really liking what the Jets are doing here. It definitely feels like good things are on the horizon and I’m going to follow it all the way through. GO JETS!!! 🙂

Cool DJ

He’s gonna be a superstar for the Jets

    Tex-Jet Studios

    Fingers crossed! 🤞


My boy got sources already 😂😂

Quentin Davis

This young man is ready. The way he replies to the questions and the way he came down the row to slap Jets fans hands when they had called his name as the Pick #2 was cool.

    A D

    I agree that’s cool, him showing the fans some love, but does that mean he’s ready? IDK Time will tell🤷🏾


jd is about to go down as a legend in new york. holyyyy


BYU fan here. So excited about this organization, the coaching staff and ZW. Already ordered my jersey. Go Jets!


    Lmao awesome

Rick Nielson

As a BYU fan I never thought of becoming a Jets fan until now. This organization is definitely on the rise. It will take a couple years and more drafts but great things are on the horizon and I’m all in!


    @Man Danglelow I agree. Where did you think I was pessimistic??? I love Wilson and I’m so happy we addressed our o-line. Jets will go places is right. Now I want to draft a stud RB also. J-E-T-S

    Man Danglelow

    @yankees29 I don’t know that we really need a running back. The backs we have now are going to be a lot better without upgraded online. What we really need is a cornerback so that people are not getting first downs against us left and right LOL.


    @Man Danglelow so you would pass on someone who might be the next Dalvin Cook for a corner? I’m tired of drafting corners dude. We need a powerful and explosive back. Not Tevin Coleman.

    Man Danglelow

    @yankees29 seriously though, think about what I’m saying. We have serviceable running backs if we have a great front line those running backs are going to be able to do the job in the West Coast offense. We haven’t had a good cornerback since wevis and cromartie and we need it badly.

    Man Danglelow

    @yankees29 no sense debating… that’s how I feel about it.

Gang Green Fanatic From India

Now I get it why Joe Douglas and Jets front office fell in love with him from the 1st time they met
Zach Wilson you are marvelous bro
JetUp 💚


He Nailed the first interview! That’s my QB🥲

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