Baldy Breakdown: How Calais Campbell Will Help the Ravens Defense | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Alex Berk


ross lohmeyer

biggest ravens fan I got 8 jerseys…. GO RAVENS FLOCK

    Scottie Washington

    ross lohmeyer i have 27 Jerseys from 96 to the present

    Sheck Jesus

    get rekt

    ross lohmeyer

    Scottie Washington ight u win

Kurai Masuta

My boa really cold #93

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excited to see Campbell and Wolfe wreck havoc

ryan damon

Gm ravens


great video keep up the good content

Axel Zectro

The defense was already scary Now they’re just downright Nasty

Andre Myers

Baldy is fire lit…Wink is gonna have fun w/this incredible focus, vision, cork screw set to shed blocks and make plays!!! Welcome to Baltimore Calais Campbell now lets go get 2 or 3 💍s & 🏆s Go Ravens our time is now!!!

    Tyrone Savage

    These next two years will be the best for the ravens. Then all of our great young players will get paid and we will lose some of them

    The LakeShow

    Let’s hope wink doesn’t go blitz heavy we can use CC an Wolfe just like Baldy is showing us just rush 4 DL an run twist stunts. this should allow us to keep more ppl back there in coverage an make QBs either take a sack or make a bad throw !!! This is how u beat Great QBs. You make them think a little bit when ur blitzing a lot a good QB will just throw it to his hot read Great Video Baldy !!! Wink I hope ur watching!!! GO RAVENS!!!

Shxfty Rulez

Now let’s draft Kenneth Murray or Patrick queen

Tyrone Savage

Idk how is trade value went down he’s been consistent every year even tho he’s getting older

Jourdan Wells

Campbell, Wolfe, and Williams are going to wreak havoc on opposing offensive lines.


Baldy makes D Line play sound like the most interesting subject in the world. Had me glued lol

Sheck Jesus

I think I let out a “whew” after pretty much every play lmao

king shark

Ferguson!!!!!!!!! … do you see that hand usage, engage, get’m off and get to the action, do not engage and get locked up. Even if you bull’n them back on they heels, you lose because these crafty linemen make they money keeping you busy dancing with them.

We gone make something out that 3rd pick.

Tooo you softys… hush, I like our external pick ups, but i wanna see home grown day 1, develop and get us to the big dance.

Odds are far better with day 1 talent than with bringing in a bunch of old vets

    Dustin Copeland

    Really wanna see ferg take that next step would be great for us and would love to hear a ferg chant to erupt from the home crowd after sacks lol

    king shark

    @Dustin Copeland … exactly, I been checking the tape, and it’s just really about him using his hands to shed blocks, vs just getting into ego battles with the linemen, who tie him up.

    I like what I think he can be too, if I didn’t I’d be like, next. But I see something. Hopefully Campbell and wolfe learn him up.


Williams, Wolfe , Campbell is gonna be deadly then hopefully Matt judon stays

Warren Cunningham

The tape don’t lie!!!! #RavensFlock

Dustin Copeland

Man if baldy woulda started breaking down a community service moment of cambell after mentioning man of the year I woulda lost it lolol missed oppurtunity there baldy lol

Patrick Lainchbury

We should have the number 1 defense.

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