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Tua 5th pick. Fins up 🐬

Luke Brown

lets go whoever we get I’ll be delighted but I hope we get Tua


Trade 2 first picks and a 5th for Mixon and the first pick.


    Sensible suggestion, but no way the Bungals gonna go for that


    Yeah but like one ah won’t be enough for the bengals. With 5 Tua or someone else for them. The at 19 they can get jerry Judy or cede lamb. I think it’s good for both but shat do I know

Dame Time

why draft tua with such a weak line.. this is literally begging for an injury

    Scotty TYB

    He wont play until next year

    Michael Pulisic

    Don’t you think they know that they have to fix the oline no matter who is qb, I don’t understand that logic


Im not even aware of out 3rd qb. Fitz Rosen and?


    Jake Ruddock


Id like tua but i don’t want to trade up and give an extra first rounder to move just 2 spots. I also dont want any other qb at 5 if they cant get him

    Kevondra Hill

    I say if he’s available at least one first-round I can live with our five and the probably latest first


    MR in with u

Davy Brazell

Joe Borrow behind Fitz💪💪💪

    Kevondra Hill

    You’re an idiot

Daniel Moreno

We need to stay put at 5 if tua is there fine we take him. If not I’m happy with herbert too. But if I was making the choices I’m taking a offensive line men with the first 3 draft picks I want day one ready players that can anchor that line for years to come.

Gamer 3333

Tua Tagovailoa or bust please draft him he is special

Jerome Moultrie

Tua all day!!!

Kevondra Hill

This is personal to me I’ve been a Dolphin fan since 1982 I’ve been an Alabama fan for just as long this is a critical time in our football why is going to say this once the Miami Dolphins select from Alabama Tua tagovailoa

Robert Lewis II

The Miami Dolphins evaluate Josh Rosen, they may feel that they don’t need a Quarterback. Please, stop talking about Justin Herbert because I would rather stay with Josh Rosen or choose a questionable Tua Tagovailoa.

    Mike Pelligrino

    Two teams realize Rosen stinks. He needs a new occupation.

Dennis Sparks

Dolphins will pick Love with the18th pick. Simmons with the 5th…an OL or safety at 26.

alex hernandez

That is 🥛🥛


Do not trade Up for tua

Jay Patron

Miami Dolphins 🐬 Please draft Tua This is our opportunity to be great 👍

Bakugo Ktski

I’d take any of these picks. I’m starting to like Herbert a little more because I found out he played baseball in HS lol

Mike Pelligrino

Burrow or Tua. Big gap down after those 2.

Koa Nai’a

I understand not to move up BUT if we stay at 5 and Tua is there WE HAVE TO TAKE HIM! He is everything you’d want in a player, person, and leader…once in a lifetime opportunity! Please…we need Tua! Phins all the way up!🐬🐬🐬

Cyber Honey

Love started the 2019 season hot but when got to playing a quality MAC defense he faltered.
Herbert…and this may seem unfair but he is Tannehill 2.0. When I watch him play, I am uninspired. He doesn’t excite me and football is exciting!
I don’t care particularly like any one of those guys and I would hope the Dolphins avoid them.
Tua has a big arm. He needs to work on his accuracy a bit because he’s not going to have the receivers he had at Alabama. And contrary to many peoples’ opinion, he is not a dual-threat qb. That doesn’t bother me. What does bother me are the injuries. With all that being said, Tua was having a career year before he got hurt and there is enough there for me to be okay with the Dolphins taking a chance on him if they choose to do so.
Who I really want is Joe Burrow. Burrow was having stellar game after stellar game last season and proved that he was a franchise quarterback. If we could move up 4 spots with just 2 first-rounders that would be awesome. Three seems extravagant.

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