2020 Detroit Lions Training Camp | Week 2 highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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abritts Reply


Andre The Giant Reply


Ki11a TJ Reply

Hockenson is gonna be special

ThreeStoogesPerformance Reply

this offense is gonna be so deadly. Its also going to force the defense to get better going up against such a dominate unit

DatZ Reply

Looking good boys

Lukas Romain Reply

Idc what people say about Okudah not looking that good. I rather him learn now and gain experience. He’s also guarding two elite recievers in Marv and Kenny.

    Travis Rhoads Reply

    I keep saying I hope our fans for once will give the young guys time to grow before crucifying them. It took slay 3 years.

    Aj Ku Reply

    @Travis Rhoads also he is playing the hardest position in football with out most of a real offseason. Dude has like two weeks of real football and has had major improvements from week 1 to week 2

    Krby Reply

    Yo Lukas

War Machine Reply

In the craziest year I’ve ever been a part of…. is it crazy enough to change our entire karma? Super bowl this yr? After 48 years of #1 fandom……. I hate to say it, But I’m feeling this is IT folks! Buckle up we could win it all!

Skeno Beno Reply



Swift is back

Mark Douglas Reply

Hockenson keeps taking shots. Keep him off the ground its practice wtf

    Ronald Miller Reply

    If he cant take getting hit mildly in practice he not going to make it. They arent hitting 100% in practice

    Mark Douglas Reply

    @Ronald Miller you can’t really control how hard you fall..gravity and all that. I don’t mind hitting but he fell unnecessarily a couple times, which isn’t ideal in a game either

    Andrew Cannon Reply

    Mark Douglas he’s fine … the only person that shouldn’t be hit at practice is the QB TJ plays in the trenches he’s built for that

Travis Rhoads Reply

Stafford looks like he’s got the touch this year.

    Odysseus Reply

    he always got the touch

Travis Rhoads Reply

Also I don’t know if it’s good or bad that decker has been stonewalling flowers.

Travis Rhoads Reply

Hock is gonna be a monster!!

indikobe08 Reply

Hockenson’s route running is so on point

The Jeneral View Reply

0:20 GOT EMMMM!!!
1:07 OPI

These were some good highlights this week #OnePrideOrDontRide 💪🏾🦁

Grant White Reply

QB’s, WR’s, TE’s, O-Line & DB’s are all looking good based on this film! Need to see some drills/plays on the rest of the defense to gauge where they’re at! #ThrivingUnderTheRadar #OnePride

Andrew Cannon Reply

TJ’s footwork GOT CRAZY NICE

Anand Nathan Reply

Sweet ‘Dola hightlights!

crum lee Reply

Stafford is throwing darts

    Scott McClellan Reply

    You expected anything less? 🙂

PredatorKingdom Reply

This offense is going to be so deadly this season if we’re healthy as it’s going to be a defense’s worst nightmare because matchup wise it’s just not going to work even for the best defenses in the league. There’s just too many ways the Lions can beat you and you have an all-pro QB in Stafford that makes it even harder for guys to defend this offense. The X-Factor is Hock because he’s looking good so far in camp and if he rebounds this season then it’s a wrap for defenses as we’re looking at a top 5 offense in the league. We just gotta hope the defense improves year-to-year so the offense doesn’t have to score too much.

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