Detroit Lions cancel practice to demonstrate for racial equality – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jamie Banks Reply

0:1 MessiLeaveBarcelona

Stefan Dietmann Reply

Good sign. Go vote!

    Chilla ThanaGuerrilla Reply

    Voting doesn’t change anything 😂

    Stefan Dietmann Reply

    @Chilla ThanaGuerrilla oh but it does. Can’t get any worse, right?

    Kyle C Reply

    @Stefan Dietmann You’re living in a fantasy world if you think it cant. Its called police defunding and socialism. Yes go vote, Trump.

    Chilla ThanaGuerrilla Reply

    @Stefan Dietmann my life’s actually not that bad i work everyday and eat everyday can’t ask for much more

    Joe Smith Reply

    Vote for what….it happened in a democratic city and state 😂

Donut Reply

Amazing. Super proud to be a Lions Fan

SuperCobra 1000 Reply

Yeah I’m done with the NFL… Yep just more over privileged rich spoiled rotten athletes defending a child rapist. Good job Lions👍🏻

    Koby Reply

    goodbye, you won’t be missed 👋👋👋

Bryan Smith Reply


Lestibournes Spook Reply

Thanks for the virtue signal. All this means nothing. Get back to work!

    Darrell Mitchell Reply

    STOP IT…. It means nothing to people like you because you’re not effected or affected by the systemic oppression or racism…. we know what side you on, you want them to shut up and work right???? News flash, your comment means nothing…. GET OUTTA HERE I bet you wouldn’t say that in person you hiding in the comments COWARD

    daren Reply

    @Darrell Mitchell Darrell how could he have avoided being shot?

    Lestibournes Spook Reply

    @Darrell Mitchell all this virtue signaling does nothing for the black community. Don’t be a sheep. MAGA!

    Darrell Mitchell Reply

    daren STOP IT YOU SOUND LIKE A SAVAGE…. the point is they didn’t have to shot him they holdin his shirt why they didn’t tackle him down to the ground they held his shirt walking with to his car let him open the door and shot him the gun is pose to be the last option cops are public servants not assassins… they could have easily stop him from going to car without guns STOP IT

    Darrell Mitchell Reply

    Lestibournes Spook sheep is what you’re being…. they’re connecting with the fans who feel systemic oppression and racism that’s it because it’s people who want to hear NFL teams view that’s it…. that get back to work stuff is out of line because those comments align with the other side

south side Reply

I love this takes good people to show compassion and empathy for others love it onepride 🦁🦁🦁

Big Rig Fix Reply

NFL is Over now I realize how much time I wasted on this sport.

    Koby Reply

    goodbye, you won’t be missed 👋

    Big Rig Fix Reply

    Shadow Gate .

Gorditaz Reply

This is why we don’t make the playoffs often, we keep finding excuses to not practice.🤦‍♂️

C T Reply

Shut up and practice.

Michael Gutierrez Reply

Proud to be a lions fan

B R Reply

Silly… how about read into more than a headline before you start virtue signaling. Embarrassing yourselves is nothing new I guess.

Going OnT Reply

Don’t get me wrong there is no excuse for a officer to shoot someone in the back several times! If he did something terrible I leg shot or tazer IF close enough. Its sad the world came to this. But what I feel the people should be talking about is. The 3 innocent people who were murdered last night in Wisconsin, But that’s not all There has been so much violence and so many killings because of the uproar about social injustice. What about those people that lost there life. I’m not saying to shut abiut this whole situation im just saying look at the effects its having on our country and ask your self. Are we going about this right as individuals.. There has been more violence now than I can ever remember in my life and I remember the twin towers incident perfect. There is so much hate in a lot of people hearts and that is not right Its not justified nor its HELPING. This is why I do not stand by this cause because of the violence it has produced in this country…. i know in my heart there is a better way than this.

    Dan Rozanski Reply

    He was already tased. And you don’t shoot people in the leg. You shoot to stop the threat.

Bill Campbell Reply

If I am stopped for any reason I keep my hands where the officer can see them and I do what the officer tells me to do.
The behavior of resisting arrest tends to escalate things. Resisting arrest with an active warrant and a prior violent felony tends to escalate things even further. The Lions might want to find out the facts prior to lumping every situation into the same box. It’s not a computer game out there. Being badass and not submitting to police when they are trying to do their job can result in bad consequences when your actions take your hands out of view. Not every instance is racial.

SneerfulDust Reply

What a joke,..🤬 the Lions! You should cancel the season as a protest!! Please!!!

Lionspride 99 Reply

maybe listen to the cops when they tell you to stop moving and put your hands up. this is why this team will never make the leap to the superbowl

Odysseus Reply

This is cool and stuff but no one is going to remember you guys canceled a valuable practice in the middle of a pandemic in order to protest. Can ya’ll meet up AFTER practice and do this? No one is going to remember you guys protesting a month from now. Definitely isn’t my place to say, but that’s why there’s freedom of speech and a youtube comment section. I feel like practice might be a lot more important seeing as there’s a lot of work to do in such a short amount of time.

Dan Rozanski Reply

Unarmed? Lol what a joke. Kinda disappointed in the ability of the team to step back and look at the facts before taking action. The Detroit lions are now defending a rapist, who attacked two officers with a knife, and was shot for reaching into his vehicle after saying “imma get my gun” this is such a farce.

    bemesc130 Reply

    dan rozanski i’m not disagreeing with you, but where did you see that he said he was going to get his gun? is there video/audio of it? if so,where, because i’d like see it for myself

Joseph Moorer Reply

Beautiful. That’s what this is all about, US as 1 people standing together regardless of your background. We are all connected, we are all of 1 Race. We need to start acting like it.

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