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2019 Week 15: Seahawks at Panthers Recap

Go inside the Seahawks locker room to hear from players and coaches about the team's 30-24 win over the Carolina Panthers in Week 15 at Bank of America Stadium.

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Junior Patton

2:58 it’s KJ not Cody Barton


    Those are bartons stats for the game though lol

Justin James

Complete game besides the garbage points allowed. Rams and 49ers lost. The hawks are now 1st in the nfc west and whole nfc. Lets finish strong and clinch the division. GO HAWKS

    They say ok boomer I say ok Zoomer


    Alex Saucedo

    Soooooo happy the los angels rams. And the san Francisco 49ers lost. Thank YOU Dallas and thank you Atlanta Falcons. Go hawks Seattle nation people. Seattle all the way. Up next. ARIZONA at SEATTLE. let’s go. 12 @ 3. Now

Aaron Ramirez

Bro that’s ain’t Tyler lockett


    Aaron Ramirez they put Cody Barton’s stats up for kj too

    slick Rick

    You are right that didn’t look like him


Wow this person put Tyler Locketts name over Chris Carson. I was like WTF Tyler grew up and got hair and a nose ring! lmao


    That’s what I’m sayin😂 I got so confused

    Nicholas Uber

    Die-Cast same


    I know


    I was wondering why Tyler’s voice was soo deep all the sudden

MrSweati on fn

1:40 that is not tyler

    Springy Sloth11

    MrSweati on fn that’s fricken Chris Carson. Who the heck doesn’t even know our franchise receiver

Liquid Swords

Great win, #1 seed in NFC! Get healthy we need everyone to get to the super bowl. 🙏🏼


    Liquid Swords let’s hope we vs new England and get our revenge

    Alex Saucedo

    What an exciting football game Seattle played. So happy we won. I cant belive how good Seattle is winning on the road. Just killing it. We are now 11 @ 3. . Up next. Arizona at Seattle. Let’s go. 12 @ 3. . Go hawks Seattle nation people. Seattle all the way.


12th man represent 💚💙 let’s go playoff bound


49ners loseer my seahawks win 👉👉💚💚🦅💚🦅💚😊😊😊😊😊


    Last game 29 diciembre 49ners home th Seattle,upsssss 49ners 🤣🤣🤣

Justis Jarman

0:58 those aren’t even Russell’s right stats from that game😂

    Brian Fantana

    Yea and the tyler lockette stats they posted over Chris Carson were wrong lol they really screwed the pooch on this one.

Josh Reynor

Haha these name bloopers are hilarious

Cory Campbell

I’m happy when the Seattle Seahawks are now clinched for the 1st Seed of the Playoffs and we fight and make it to the Super Bowl


Could go 13-3, and if they do, NFC West Champs, hopefully home field and first round bye in the playoffs.



Bentley Best

Tyler Lockett wishes his voice was that deep

Andrew Nguyen

I’m so glad Seahawks are 1st in NFC division and the NFC West let’s finish strong and make it to the Super Bowl!

Joe Whysker

Normally I really enjoy these videos, but this one had lots of editing errors for some reason


    So easy to tell they rushed this

B00fpack '

Nobody thought we would be 11-3 too see 😭😂😂

Leif Leifsen

Blair, Amadi, BBK, Barton. Anyone else feel like the future of our defense is in good hands? Now just hope they’re not the core for a few more years. KJ wagoner etc have plenty of gas left in the tank for a couple more rings!! Go Hawks.


Who edited this video?! 😂😂😂

Timothy Gathings

So impressed with Josh Gordon he seems to be happy and comfortable in Seattle . I’m truly happy for him love you 10 for your contributions keep plugging big boy …Go Hawks !!!!

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