Zay Jones mic’d up in Divisional Round vs. Chiefs | Jacksonville Jaguars – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Love u guys

Vj Luarasi

Zay Jones is one the most likable dudes in the whole nfl. Love his spirit and fight for the Jags, we will be back Jags next year keep your head up!

Jon Milner II

Bro no wonder they’re winning games with his positivity and you have to remember they were losing this entire game.

Patrick Foster

Freaking Zay Jones is impossible to dislike. Dude is so positive, supports his teammates.

Louie C

‘Trevor…. We’re gonna be just fine bro’ 🥺

Jake Huds

1:05 The two kids fighting for the ball XD

    Jimmy Stetler

    You know they duked it out for that ball!

Pop Culture Jaguar

3:32 THATS what it means to be a teammate. Glad he’s on the Jags


When he said we’re going to be fine I felt that fr


I saw this so much but fr I LOVE THIS TEAM

john doe


Tony Evans Jr.

How can you not root for this guy ! Humbled, great teammate and a baller ! 💯

Gavin Knight Jackson

He the big brother this team needs


I gotta cop a damn Jones jersey cuz everything I see about him I’m rockin with


Love this dude, but he still leads the league in drops 🙁

Justin Lewis

Zay Day is here to stay!

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