Za’Darius Smith says he’s not worried about the Pro Bowl ‘I want to get the to Super Bowl’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
taylor beauchamp

12 left z hanging 😭


    taylor beauchamp wait why didn’t he want to come there?? Just curious???


    Saleem People can just be shy at times, plus I imagine he has other stuff to get done after finishing a lengthy interview session of his own.

Matt Bertrand

Hope these guys are busy putting cousins on the turf Monday night. Stay packers for a long time!

Yooper eh?

Z got the snub. But. We love u z


See Za Darius gets it!!! Idk why the other Packers don’t!?


    @gretchen ortner the other 21 players who do you think? Is there some other team that I’m not aware of that call themselves The Packers in the NFL???


    @Nikosis Ok, and what are you trying to say? You think every other packer is complaining about pro bowl snubs? I’m sure they all get it.

maria martinez


aaron berhane

Preston had the most votes at his position and the nfl still didn’t let him go to the pro bowl 🤦🏽‍♂️


    And you saw this where exactly?

    gretchen ortner

    He had the most fan votes, but the league, coaches and players also vote and he didn’t get enough votes from them. Pro bowl is really just a popularity contest.

    A W

    Also, Rodgers got in over Cousins and that’s a joke.

Steven Yang

Beast man just beast.. “were football players” win the north

Terrence Aldridge

Love these two people great players….
Let’s go get it

josh stonecypher

We will play in the sand if you want love that line outta Z

Clint C

Saints will beat ya in the playoffs

    rm priester2016

    Not in lambeau!

    Marquese Hickman

    Packers might not even have to play the saints.

    DemonKnight 124

    Man gtfoh with that bs

John Wayne Everett

WELL DONE Son ….Now we get to show n tell time Monday ….. Make it to superbowl please stay a packer …

John Wayne Everett


John Wayne Everett

TWO GAMES LEFT IF THE LORD WILL GRANT THIS…..To give it our all monday …head up….


    There’s a lot more than 2 games left. 2 games left before it’s do or die.

    John Wayne Everett

    @hunter0740 amen

    Ethereal Punishment

    we got this. I got faith in da Pack

Northern Canuck

These two are DIALED in, big time. Fun to watch!

777d7777 777d7777

These 2 got to dominate as usual at Minnesota
Go Pack Go!!!!

Richard Cheese

bring that lombardi back home


That is the kind of attitude we need, great to see the priorities of our players

Melissa Cassell

You guys can do this. Keeping the faith. Go Pack Go 💛💚💛💚❤❤

Its Paradox

Za’Darius is high like a kite Love It!
Go Pack Go

DemonKnight 124

Go Pack Go! Let’s clinch this division up this week!

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