Younghoe Koo | 2019 Season Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Younghoe Koo | 2019 Season Highlights

Watch highlights from Younghoe Koo's 2019 Falcons season.

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The OverLord

This was a good one min vid but only cuz it was for a kicker

Tim Stattrop

Beastmode 👌🏼

    Grae Visocan

    Beastmode: Kicker edition. If he was a punter, it would be an even bigger story! #puntersarepeopletoo

Football Films

Koo is a great kicker, but he needs a stronger leg. But he is still a good replacement for Bryant


    His leg is plenty strong. There’s a video of him kicking 60+ yard field goals. His accuracy and big kick nerves can be questioned beyond 50 but the solution is for our offense to score more touchdowns and at least get the ball to the 30 yard line.

    Grae Visocan

    The best possible in the universe. I now want his jersey for me to wear on gameday. Did you know that he was born in South Korea?

Josh T

7-9 for #7


How do you make a highlight video of Koo and only show one of the three onside kicks.

    DimeBag Darrell

    Hardtimes57 I think the pentagon will show up if they make the videos any longer

    Grae Visocan

    That is true. Probably because the others didn’t count.


    @Grae Visocan 1st one didn’t count, the other two did. But the first one should have.

    Grae Visocan

    Again, so true

DimeBag Darrell

Get my dude on a new leg day regiment

TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

Atlanta football is a joke to you?

    ROYALE w/cheese

    Get your a$# of this channel smelly box boy


Never been a cheerleader of kickers though I always appreciated and respected Bryant and Anderson. Koo is oddly exciting and glad we are bring him back. Hope he doesn’t crap the bed like Georgio did last preseason.

    Grae Visocan

    Yes. Absolutely you are right!

ducky vibing

Did for us what Matt Bryant couldn’t……


He is beast

Reese Dog

Sign that man.

Andrew Comments


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