‘You never get used to losing’: Broncos players discuss frustrations in Kansas City – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
kois kois

Man this was just sad, 1st view and comment btw

Eddie Rascon


Kyle Roten

They will bounce back

Captin Drawma

We could of hit 2nd place in the division if we earned more pct points then the raiders

John Waide

Gotta get this one out of my system

John Waide

Gotta get this one out of my system

ralo Ramirez

Every time we play the chiefs it’s embarrassing to be a broncos fan cause we already know wats going to happen this year next years and after we going to set the re it’s for losses to a division team watch Denver is being k own to set records in the negative column I’m almost about to give up on them


    No, what is embarrassing is losing to the chiefs. For decades it was purdy well assumed that Denver would come out on top in this match (though some years tough either battles were expected). But this string of losses for the Broncos to the chiefs is more than embarrassing, it’s disgraceful!
    The messed up part is the chiefs are Not even a Great team. (A good team, but far from Great.) The other teams in the afc West all have been subpar the last few years. As for the Mahomes folks….it’s Mahomes it’s Mahomes!!….Well, the chiefs were winning games & making the play before Mahomes, with Alex Smith. Now they have a few more weapons on offense than them. Denver will be a much better next season.


    ralo Ramirez don’t be a fair weather fan. Gotta stick with your team through thick and thin. It’ll get better


    Give up on your degenerate grammar lol

    Randy K

    @weaintfree lol…you done?

    Randy Trollinger

    Im from Lees Summit Missouri, I wouldn’t give up yet let the cake bake, I have watched Drew lock play ball since he was a child, he could have played div 1 basketball, he could score 40 points and night not even trying, he played on a horrible team at the University of Missouri and broke all SEC records, and his demeanor is as cool as the other side of the pillow, Drew lock is special, everyone from Kansas City knows it

Christopher Do44

F the Chiefs

    Any One

    Luv the salty tears loser. Go for at least one touchdown next game,k? Baby donkey steps…


    @Any One really? How many superbowls have the cheifs won??? How many have the Broncos won?? Let me take you back to 2015, we dominated the AFC west. Listen buddy, every team has their years. The Patriots have been the vest team for a long time. You have a great qb with great overall team. We are a rebuilding team. So instead of being super rude about it, wish us luck with our “new” team! Because the broncos and chiefs are both great organizations

    Steve Middaugh

    More like the broncos got F by the Chiefs. C’mon Donkey Fan it’s only 9 losses in a row against the Chiefs. Chiefs love the Donkey’s because that’s like two free wins every year!


Like the ownership they are taking. It starts there. Then the errors will get fixed and the wins will follow. Let’s go broncos!!!

Kathleen Henderson

What a game! Let’s call this the “snow bowl” w/KC. Next year will be better w/more weapons around QB Drew Lock. Plus, a better offensive line! Thank you Bronco’s, for trying your hardest! The fans appreciate all of your hard work & effort!

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Gabe Blea

Mark my words, Denver will take back the AFC West next year.

    David Gentry

    Gabe Blea excuse me? #15 may have something to say about that. Back to Back to Back to Back AFC West Champs !!

    kwilson Eyes

    @David Gentry afc west champs is all they will ever get. Since super bowl 48 denver is the ONLY team that has beat Brady in the playoffs. Which you know… yall cant do 😂 im fine with the chiefs winning because i actually enjoy watching your hearts get crushed in January

justin shelton

CHJ annoying AF this season

    kwilson Eyes

    He been getting torched it pisses me off so bad

Shane Mapes

Let’s beat the chokes next year

kwilson Eyes

Really? Im getting used to us losing.

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