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Mason Daub

Putting Florida on the map


    We been on the map

    Yo Yo

    FLORIDA is ratchet, too much crime over there


    The bad hombres already did that

    simba cali

    KML facts Florida the land of the greatest explosive athletes in earth

Klay Thompson Official

Lamar is a Christmas gift for people to watch.

    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

    @Kayden Camp damn you hating🤣🤣🤣 you are the bum

    Artem Kozello

    @allen Brown overhyped black boy

    Jon Mikelonis

    better for a ravens fan like me

Giuseppe Modica

The Last Time i was this early ,The NFL Made a Poll about how will win in this game

    Nick Pagliara


    Giuseppe Modica

    @Nick Pagliara Ty darling

    jason smith

    * who you mean?

    Giuseppe Modica

    @jason smith yes Darling Ty

ricky dedos

I thought it was vinny testaverde’s record


    Yeah, I think it is. Maybe Flacco tied or something


    @Blax nope I think Flacco’s best was 27… he was a great game manager… too bad we overpaid…

    Nonya Biz

    He misspoke. Flacco career high in a season is 27 TD.



BrAD Strayer

This was the offense greg roman envisioned with tyrod taylor.

    Agent 21

    Tyrod Taylor is the backup at the Chargers and Rivers. He might start when Rivers retires. He can still move

    I Like Waffles

    Agent 21 I was just wondering where the hell Tyrod Taylor is these days. Obviously he’s no Lamar, but I think he deserves to be a starting qb. His 3 years as a starter he averaged around 3,000 passing yards and 17 tds. Not that great but when you consider that he never threw more than 6 picks in a season, ran for around 500 yards and 5 tds each year, and was 23-21-1 as a starter for Bills teams without a ton of weapons…that’s pretty damn good. I’ll always root for Tyrod, especially because he was drafted so late and most teams wanted him to play wide receiver. Well that turned into a rant, but oh well.

    Alfie The doggo

    Tyrod was drafted by the ravens

    Francisco Davis

    @mawb town me too but hes not a big play kind of guy. Reminds me of Alex smith

    joshua keeling

    This just proves that every dual threat QB wouldn’t be able to fit this style of play.


Good time to be a Ravens fan. Big Truss. Woo woo

    Ace NoLxve

    sure bandwagongs out of no where

You Will Never Know

4:02 Look how wide open Andrews was!!!

    FBI Agent

    Lamar wanted to get the more difficult touchdown.
    He also could’ve had at least 7 TD’s passes during this game.


    The safety is closer to Andrews at the time he threw it. He could have gone there but you have to believe Roberts is faster and Andrews is injured

Mike McDonald Jr.

33 passing TDs was/is Vinny Testaverde’s record not Flacco’s

The most passing TDs Flacco has had in a season is 27

    Lion Thomas

    Lamar is easily the best QB Ravens ever had……..we loved Joey Flaxx doe!!!


    It wasn’t joes fault for the contract. He won a super bowl and earned it. But it did ruin things

    Autry Jr. McGowens


    Chris Nguyen

    He can throw because of his threat as a runner which open up receiving lanes. But he can’t win without using his legs as we seen over and over again. He has lot of TD’s but low passing yardages.

Emanuel Melcher

That was great narrating,

JR King

They out here consistently going for it on 4th downs like the score is tied when their up by 20 or more 😂😂.. EASY WORK!!

    Arnold Kintu

    Lmao bro it’s like they playing Madden casually…


    Cause they know they’ll score on the next drive. Last night. They took away a TD. No worries. Put helmet back on & get another one.

    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

    I am scared to imagine what the offense will be next year with another year of drafting around Lamar and and summer of Lamar working smh.. It’s going to be OVER for the NFL for a LONG LONg time


    iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers you have a funny name LOL


    ThatguyNice yep. Lamar really should’ve had 7 TDs if they didn’t call back the Mark Andrews one & had the Jets defender not tackles Hollywood in the end zone before the ball was there

C Taylor

We jus gon ignore how sick this beat is?

    Kuro Lee

    yoooooo . I didn’t notice it until reading this comment. Lol. dope


The commentator is funny😂😂😂😂’They could’nt even catch his towel’😭

    BRED OV LYFE Ministry Minister Reggie Smith

    shy 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🙏🏿


    “The commentator”?
    Put some respeck on his name!👏🏾
    That’s Brian ‘Baldy’ Baldinger

    Leon Lawrence II

    Facts 😂


Ravens went through the toughest gauntlet in the NFL from the Seahawks game until the Bills game with 0 losses. Hawks, Pats, Texans, Rams, 49ers and Bills in 7 weeks and won them all. But im still seeing “bUt iTs oNlY tHe jEtS.” Beat 7 teams with a winning record, Seahawks have beaten the second most teams with a winning record with 4. No comparison to what the Ravens have had in terms of strength of schedule. You people are so mad and I love it. Another year where Russ isnt getting his MVP. That must hurt for Hawks fans. Ouch.


    They probably had the toughest schedule. There the real deal

    Matador G

    That gauntlet of teams you mentioned all have winning records at the moment. Ravens have also swept the NFC west and AFC East.

    Henry Westerlund

    It does hurt. Russell Wilson always finds a way to *not* win MVP

    Daniel Fawley

    Big Trusss

    E T

    @Book of David to be fair, AFC East is such a cake walk, the Pats schedule are guaranteed to be rather easy every year lol

Parzehlli TV

The NFL seems to be very confident about this game business wise. I thought the same thing when i saw the highlights. Pretty clean looking football, not much too suspicious here.


2:00 Just makes this TD pass 10x more impressive than it already was

Luis Ortega

Baldy needs his own show

iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

A “certain” segment HATES seeing this 🤣 They are waiting for him to have a bad game and lose🤣🤣🤣 ITS NOT GOING 2 HAPPEN losers😬😬


Baldys breakdowns is one of the best things on YouTube!


    midnyghtson no question

    BRED OV LYFE Ministry Minister Reggie Smith

    midnyghtson 👌🏿💯😎🙏🏿, that dude is straight funny sir!! 🤣🤣🤣


“Not bad for a running back” 😂😂😂


Surprised you didn’t mention the Andrews TD that was called back. Lamar really threw SEVEN td’s this game

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