Xavier Woods: I Know I Can Play | Dallas Cowboys 2020 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Xavier Woods: I Know I Can Play | Dallas Cowboys 2020

While the Cowboys are again in the discussion to potentially add more safety help, Xavier Woods has bene here before and says he's confident in his ability and not worried about what he can't control.

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Joe Onemanteam Reply

That boy will fit right with early

Cole Steele Reply

Xavier Woods is the best safety the Cowboys have had since Roy Williams. An absolute steal of a draft pick.

    Manuel frias Reply

    I think JJ Wilcox would like to argue that but they’re very close in caliber of player. JJ took more risk but Woods can hit like a safety and play tight man coverage comparable to B.Jones

    Marlon Banks Reply

    But that’s not really saying much, he was a big hitter that got exposed badly in pass coverage

    John Crabtree Reply

    That’s not saying much

Â1 92hrs Reply

I hate this clown get my guy wilson out there or earl

elias fresquez Reply

Regardless of who comes in X woods will be a starter this dude is legit

Charles Franklin Reply

Step ya game up Woods and get more turnovers

tangel324 Tangel324 Reply


Gee M Reply

He hasn’t showed anything that says is job is safe .. just my opinion 🤷🏾‍♂️

Terrance Watkins Reply

Sign X to an extension! He is a savage

Tc 88 Reply

After 3 years we now know this guy is not anything close to ET

Manuel frias Reply

If Xavier Woods gets a little bit of luck picking off the ball like Heath use too, he’s going to the pro bowl and most likely a Super Bowl

Diana Tait Reply

Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

Henry Hill Reply

I had enough of this dude. He’s a bench player . Get Donovan Wilson out there!!!!!

John Crabtree Reply

I’m sorry this guy doesnt impress me our safeties suck

Alpha Reply

love this dude

Jeff Flank Reply

I don’t like Tostitos. I like the X-factor.🤠

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