WR coach Ike Hilliard on JuJu, Claypool, spending time with Roethlisberger, leading by example – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

WR coach Ike Hilliard on JuJu, Claypool, spending time with Roethlisberger, leading by example

Steelers WR coach Ike Hilliard spoke to the media about getting to know his players, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Chase Claypool, spending time with Ben Roethlisberger, leading by example and more.

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I bet diontae Johnson and clay pool will lead the team hopefully juju steaps up

    Noah O'Brien

    Juju isn’t awful, I just don’t see him on the team next year. I don’t think it’s worth paying him if claypool shows promise. Diontae should be dynamite, and jimmy wash is the perfect 3. I anticipate within three years Diontae and Claypool are a top five receiver combo in the NFL, or at least AFC.

Ryan Irwin- Diehl

I really hope this season happens somehow. If the Steelers stay healthy, they’re easily one of the best teams in the AFC. The Chiefs aren’t unbeatable and the Ravens are more vulnerable than they look. Titans proved that last year. Gotta stop missing the playoffs and get that last ring for the veterans.

    Steve Chapin

    One of the best teams in not only the AFC but the NFL

xd- mysterio-one

Juju needs to be clutch this season

Elijah Pittman

Steelers for life💯💯💯



    Steelerz Reign Supreme


bruh gamer

Go steelers! 💛🖤💛🖤


give clay pool starting job on outside hes clearly better than washington and has way more potential being 6’4 and sum change faster than washington way bigger vertical hell be a fav target for big ben considering there both basically the same height


    @J Drxp is he wasn’t that would just be sad for juju bieng injured he had to that was just a product of his situation

    J Drxp

    Beama so what? He stepped up to the plate!!! 735 yards…????


    Claypool is 1 word and he’s never played a snap so how can you say he’s better than anyone. Don’t forget Limas Sweed was also 6’4.


    @J Drxp Dionte had 15 more catches and 3 more TD. Washington had a small lead in yards but Dionte was the better player last season. Washington definitely took a step forward though.

    Emil 04

    Absolutely right in the slot juju is one of the best in the leauge chase claypool is our X reciever eric ebron our Y and deiontae and juju are our Z recievers


Steelers should hire only Steelers players!Yeah problem in The Burgh is front office!

    Ellis Graves

    # ward

    Steelerz Reign Supreme

    @Ellis Graves , ward is with the jets. Too late for that.

    Ellis Graves

    @Steelerz Reign Supreme yea would of been nice


    LMAO. Yeah let’s hire all Steelers players like that idiot Joey Porter or Carnell Lake who was a terrible secondary coach. Man there are some dumb comments on here. The problem is the front office?? Please explain that statement.


    @Steelerz Reign Supreme Yep and boy those Jets WR’s are really flourishing. LOL

The Joker

People say we suck, but we have the immaculate reception


    Not to mention 6 Super Bowl championships

    The Joker

    Nick true, true


    Huh? This is why people hate us as Steelers fans. People say we will suck this year and you bring up an extremely lucky play that happened almost 50 years ago. LOL

    The Joker

    jw1 lol

Gregory Donatelli

If the 2020 NFL season, with no preseason games, no on-field evaluations for coaches regarding rookies, free agents, etc.
In real time game situational awareness?
How does the NFL expect all 32 teams to put their very best on the field when NFL coaches are being hamstrung?
I predict week #1 to be a complete CLUSTERFUCK.

IN FACT, WE ALL, as nfl fans, WILL HAVE to endure the first “quarter” of the season as thec”actual” preseason because I guarantee you.
NFL Head Coaches simply are not being given enough time, practice as well as game time situations to properly evaluate whether rookies and Free Agents, meld and absorb their respective team identity.

The 2020 season is going to be a joke simply because of all our professional sports entertainment corporations, athletes who compete for, earn contracts in, and have little future in the NFL, football requires the most in practice, preseason games, game conditioning comes through the entire process…
The upcoming NFL 2020 is going to be a joke.

    Arsim Ibraimi

    Relax it‘s not that deep


    Then don’t watch Gregory.

    michael coons

    It might actually be really awesome to watch and the playing field is definitely equal now for all teams I can’t fucking wait for this season something other then politics and fear and death and division we get to see a team of all colors come together have fun and bleed for each other what’s fucking better right now

Steelerz Reign Supreme

This year will depend on depth positions and the performance of Big Ben.


If Hillary would have been president we would have an NFL season this year

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