Would You Rather Have…? | One Bills Live Edition – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Would You Rather Have…? | One Bills Live Edition

Maddy Glab challenges Steve Tasker to pick an unknown player he would rather have based on just their stat lines. Who would you pick?

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Good Game, keep it coming. Smile Steve. You always look frustrated 😜

Macy's crazy toys and games!!

Being a Bills fan is like being married.
In it for the good. The bad. The bad breath. And until death.

    Tony Crowell

    Amen! 🙏🏼

King Doso

I hate these type of games for so many reasons .. Hell we just jumped on a bills fan on twitter for saying ,we would rather have Mahomes then tre , Josh and edmonds and that’s COMPLETELY FALSE !!!!

    Billy Calder

    Mahomes wouldn’t have been MVP level in a rebuilding Buffalo and would have had his development stunted. Having the other three is the better long term move.


I would contend that Tannehill was the right choice. If you are looking at this past year, consider Tannehill didn’t have to throw as much as Brady due to the running back he has, but when Ryan did throw he was much more efficient than Brady. Then I’ll grant Tannehill didn’t have to do much in the Wild Card game, but his team still beat Brady’s team when it counted. So, whatever that’s worth.

    Matt B

    Tannehill had lower total yards only because he played 5 less games. At 228 yards per game he would have added another 1,140 yards putting him right around 4,000 yards.

Tom Mater


John Budzinski

Do this for people in the draft this year..


Should have done white vs gilmore

    Billy Calder

    Why? They were comparing our underrated CB vs the “highest rated” cover corner. Comparing the identical INT numbers of Tre and Gilmore wouldn’t show anything.


    Yeah would’ve been very very similar.

Risk Anrut

I guessed the first two qbs perfectly. Still would have taken A. Tannehill WAS the better of the two this sesaon. 🤷‍♂️


    Risk Anrut yeah tannehill was the better choice. This has to be one of toms worst year

    Risk Anrut

    @Thistle09 agreed. I hope here retires honestly. Instead of going out like Favre. That was so sad.

Bmw88 Watts

Should have done Tre White vs Stephan Gilmore for corners

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