Would Ravens Rest Starters in Week 17? | #RavensMailbag – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Would Ravens Rest Starters in Week 17? | #RavensMailbag

Analyzing what would happen if the Ravens' Week 17 game doesn't have playoff implications. What positions will get the most attention next offseason?

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I have lamar and ingram on my fantasy team and im in the superbowl feels bad

Augie N.

I think if they dont rest, they should have limited time.

Joe Santana

Rest starters we can still beat Steelers with 2nd team


    Any given Sunday applies here. Steelers are desperate.

    AJ Palmeri

    If we beat Cleveland we can lose to the Steelers and nothing will happen


once the homefield is thiers, absolutely they should rest starters.

Danny Guido

I would potentially keep them in week 17, due to completely knocking the steelers out of contention.

    BaltCall 2K


    BaltCall 2K

    U explain to me what happens

    BaltCall 2K

    And this is regular season prep for playoff not PLAYOFFS u have to be as safe as possible in the last game if we already have the 1st seed locked up then what is there to play for let rgIII or mcsorley get some work

    Kevin Bourne

    As much as I agree, no NFL team would ever go this route. They only care about their team getting in the playoffs and being healthy.

    BaltCall 2K

    @Kevin Bourne thats what I’m saying tho


The answer is a definite yes! Pittsburgh will love nothing more but to put Lamar out and get him hurt so he won’t play in the postseason. They are our rival for a reason.


They shouldn’t rest until we secure first seed.

    Truly Blessed

    EXACTLY that’s what I’m saying


    Kaijucifer did you all even watch the segment, literally the question was if ravens lock up the #1 seed in week 16 do they rest week 17 Jesus

    Kevin Bourne

    Ummmm….that was the whole point of the video. If we beat the Browns, the #1 will be secured.

Matador G

Let’s get past the Browns first. This is probably the most important game of the season. We have a chance to do 3 things against the Browns. 1. Avenge the loss from week 4. 2. Clinch the first seed. 3. Oficially eliminate Cleveland from playoff contention all in their own stadium.

    AJ Palmeri

    They are eliminated, There is no way they can win the wild card unless both the Steelers and Titans literally fall flat on their face

Ron Edward

I would play Lamar for the 1st qtr against Pittsburgh. I wouldn’t want him sitting too long, especially if they have a buy week.


If we win this sunday there’s no reason not to. First round bye clinched, lamar mvp clinched, pro bowl selections done.

Daniel Krauss

Let’s focus on THIS week first…


Go Ravens! #PurpleFlock

kingbey fan

I would play the starters for at least a half. I don’t think it would be good to rest players for 2 weeks. It will mess up the flow of the offense for sure.

Lenny Beason

If we beat the Ravens..then rest most of our key starters against the Steelers. Harbaugh has 1 of the best win/lost records after a Bye week in the league. So a healthy and fresh Ravens team playing at home I believe will propel the Ravens to the Superbowl.

jordan bowiee

We don’t need corners😑. We need pass rushing DTS and a better DE and linebackers

WolfieXN1nj4 Gutierrez

Ravens Vs Seattle Seahawks again #RavensMailbag

Steph X

I hate the salary cap. It ruins so many teams

Sean Jones

The Ravens need to let them run them records up.


Yuliana Cayetano

They should rest the starters, even though it would be AWESOME to destroy the Steelers playoff hope.

Paulo Alexandre

Ravens’ Secondary is not just the best Secondary in the NFL, it’s the deepest position group in the NFL.

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