Wired For Sound: Dalvin Cook at the 2020 Pro Bowl | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Wired For Sound: Dalvin Cook at the 2020 Pro Bowl | Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook was wired for sound at the 2020 NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida.

Photo: Aaron M. Sprecher/AP

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XXX JuicWrld

We always seem to make it to the play offs or Champion divisional

ryan damon


Gary Oak

You know who plays in the pro bowl? Players from 30 of the 31 loser teams. No one cares.

    Gary Oak

    Drake Jones are you triggered that much? Get help bud.

    Drake Jones

    Gary Oak Triggered? 😂 you the one who said libtard and said I need help lmao all because I said you were old and mad 😂 stop reflecting little guy

    Drake Jones

    Gary Oak don’t be so mad lmfao it’s okay that you’re a weirdo. Take a lap bud 😂

    Matt Balderrama

    @SimplePimple it’s actually 30 out of 32


    @Matt Balderrama You right. That’s my bad. Thank you for that

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maverick lewis

Quote of the Day, “TAKE A LAP” 🙂

Keith James

I love my baby Kirk.
That is all.

    Matt Balderrama



Yawn. Pro Bowl game needs to go away.

Han Skolo

So awesome to see a full backfield of vikings. Skol!


sad news about Chris Doleman, R.I.P.

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