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Win No. 10 | Packers Unscripted

Mike and Wes recap the Packers’ win over the Redskins by examining the up-and-down performance of the offense (2:28), the work of RB Aaron Jones (8:05), the effort by the defense (10:19), and the debut of return man Tyler Ervin (14:13).

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Will they beat the bears though? bear fans are talking tough about this game and being real cocky

Sports Nut

The Packers are the most mediocre 10-3 team I’ve ever seen.. This team just isn’t anything to write home about.. Rodgers played soo bad yesterday

    Jay Walker

    The way Brady played that was bad… Rodgers missed some throws but he ain’t play terrible


    The 49ers barely beat the skins 9-0 R-E-L-A-X


Sign AB


This is the time

true grit

If the Packers don’t beat the Bears at home ,, we sure can’t expect them to go to the super bowl ! We’ll have to see a lot of improvement in the next 3 games . Stay healthy and other team’s have key injuries might help ? Hate to see it but it’s part of football .

    Jay Walker

    We go as Rodgers go we need him to play big if he misses those TD throws like he did yesterday it will be hard to make it far in the playoffs…


I know I’m on your guys channel but the Bears don’t have anything out yet about the game. Quick question, how DO Packers fans feel about this game upcoming Sunday? I’ve watched the last 3 Packers games and they’ve looked just about as average as the Bears. Are you playing down to competition or what’s going on? Just wanting to hear from the other side.


    Jay Walker

    We don’t know one week they run great then the next week they can’t block a soul and Rodgers has been missing some throws…They are inconsistent on both sides so I’m surprised We are 10-3…What separates Bears and Packers is we have a QB that has won Mitchell hasn’t been in many tough situations yet…

Dan Greife

They will need more than 20 to beat the Bears!

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