Will McClay Knows Team Wants To Grow Under Mike McCarthy | Dallas Cowboys – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

I like how he realizes with a change like this that we will be able to see full capabilities in players that we have not seen yet

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    Eric Jefferson

    chucklez don’t be silly! It’s 25+ seasons of the same losing and you’d have to be an incurable cult member to believe next season is going to be any different! My goodness get up off the gas!

    Jim legacy

    @10,000 subscriber’s with 0 videos get out of here this is Cowboy business. SMH.

Lantz Jeudy

Please let this draft get us over the hump 🙏🏾


    Draft a owner


    @Duzer i think Jerry knows he’s gotta stay out the way at this point..its already a sign letting McCarthy bring in the staff he wants

Steven Green

Where did Will McClay get his hat?

    Damien Davis

    Probably the equipment room!!! Lmao

    Jose Guerra

    Jerry is down the hall hey Jerry do you have a hat yeah help your self in the closet 🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Jack Coleman

This man has made the biggest difference in the cowboys talent

    Joseph Taylor

    Should be the GM.


Our talent on the field is not the problem, the drafting has been great and Will has done a great job.

    Phillip Ellis

    No one from last yr draft Helped us..

    Pippins Shippin

    Like Prime says it doesnt matter who my coach is or who’s coaching the other guy. He has to beat me.

James Owens

Idc. This man is our General Manager. Whether that’s his “title” or not. And those saying he’s overrated are true idiots and don’t know football.

    Marcus b

    @Ernest Aleman jj is a salesman, so u have to sale him on everything ur doing or he will step in. I think Stephen Jones has been saling Jj on the salary cap and Mac been doing it on the players said. As long as we aren’t in cap hell or missing on players Jj will be sold. With Garrett the whole Sean Payton going to n.o n being successful nobody was going to talk him out of giving Garrett a chance like they did with Sean Payton. Now that it’s done n it didn’t work, Jj had no other choice but to listen to jj jr and Stephen Jones to bring in Mike

    Ernest Aleman

    @Marcus b I hope you’re right. In the final analysis, it is his team (JJs) and he can do what he wants. Maybe Stephen can take more of the reins this year…and we’ll “ride ’em Cowboy!”

    Lands End

    He should have that official title. Jerry is just cheap.

    Marcus b

    @Lands End he is paying him more than most GM’s. Y u think mcclay keep turning down actual GM job’s

Emmit Smith


Jones 1

I like Will McClay. I hope this coaching hire works. I would rather Urban Meyer. But we take what we get. Has to be better then the last coach. Mike Nolan as DC. Would be a better choice if we switch to a 3-4. Ok. I just want a 3-4 Defense with a Real Big Man at Nose Guard. Tired of seeing teams gut us up the middle. Go Cowboys


    Every team has a variation of 3-4 or 4-3 they run.


    Its good we didn’t get urban yet because the vision and message is clear. The team wants to challenge next season and its not a rebuild in terms of players. It would have been unfair on urban to tell him to come in and challenge straight away especially if he is not keen on the players already in place.

J Gambrell

You know good and well Mike McCarthy is not going to have them picking the exact same type of players … I like Will, but that is an understatement


I want his hat in blue.

    Samuel Escobar

    alwaysopen I need it in both colors!

    kalidosia weedman

    Dope right

go for it. Guzman

Good stuff!! understands what is going on!

Chris Salcido

Shut up people and wait for football season. Actions speak louder than words

    Rashad88 !

    Chris Salcido , Why you watch’n the interview than lol?!

    Chris Salcido

    @Rashad88 ! I don’t speak on it i listen to whats being said that’s it. There’s all types of changes so i want to know what’s going on just like every cowboy👌👌👍

Interpol Individuals

In will mcclay we trust.


You can tell some of u fellas really don’t watch football or knows how the operation side works smh. Will has been outstanding at helping the team draft great players. He doesn’t draft on his own as Jerry has the final say so he’s more like the top dog in the scouting department but they bring players in collectively no one single person does.
As far as those that want us to go to a 3-4? We had one of the top defenses in the league last year with one some of the top players and they are young! I promise you they are still those players especially our LBs an dlaw got doubled teamed more than any player last year so his production dipped but u have to look at web pressure an run stop plus plays were he just disrupted a whole play!!!
Lastly our players were forced to play a certian scheme offense and defense wise instead of playing to their talents, imagine what surprises we’re gonna get this year because finally we got staff that’s gonna play the the players strength instead of the them being stubborn and forcing placing to do what’s not of them…(Rico Gathers) (Tevon Austin) relax man y’all sound like da drunk dude at the bar blurting out his feelings cause he’s had to many🤦🏾‍♂️

    Eric Jefferson

    Dante we know for the last quarter century plus when somebody is selling BS. Intelligent people look at the last results and compare them to previous results. It’s a difference in real fans and cult members.


    Edward Loya don’t let a single game let a single game make u lose sleep at night bro. No players has a good game EVERY game and no team is perfect every team has their ups and downs man or even a season we’re things happen and their off🤷🏾‍♂️


    Eric Jefferson you’re saying that to say?

    eudy Maverick Mentor

    @ Dante “We had one of the top defenses in the league last year” really. Ranked #19.

    eudy Maverick Mentor

    @Dante He has no point. Just to bad mouth Dallas.

saleem Ahmad

Ladies and gentlemen cowboy nation we are so lucky to have this man will McClay selecting our players practically our GM but without the title because of an egotistic owner

Kevin Thomes

Glad he is on our side.

Phillip Ellis

He Needs to Draft Better or He’ll be on Hot seat!

Nay60rhk60d Meech

He might not have the title but I guarantee he’s getting paid like a GM

K Francis

I think if we had better coaching with the talent that’s been drafted we at least should have been to the super bowl 🤷🏾‍♂️

Gerardo Mourbi

If someone knows where to cop that hat, would truly appreciate it. Go Cowboys!

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