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Will Grier Press Conference

Quarterback Will Grier is at the podium in anticipation of his first start for the Panthers.

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The Watcher

To be honest I had to Google this guy when we drafted him hope he’s worth for 3rd round pick

    Cory Hough

    The Watcher shows your sports knowledge


Hopefully hes goat

    ICEY P

    不不不不不you got jokes


Kyle Allen 2.0丹踱儭

    ICEY P

    @K.IN.G I hope it don’t we need 2 more L’s for better draft position….But who am I kidding I know we getting beat again不不不


    @ICEY P yeah at this point I don’t even expect any Ws… I just want us to play competitive 打

    ICEY P

    @K.IN.G well you can throw that out the window if the Colts just run the ball seeing that we’ve forgotten how to tackle丹踱儭

Finley Jeanbatiste

I hope we beat the Colts but im not so sure


Well he’s bigger than Kyle baby hand Allen.

    Sabre Exe

    Ironically, Grier had turnover issues in college, including half a dozen fumbles each season.

Lord AristoCat

this guy looks like kyle allen in disguise

    ICEY P


Playa from the Himalayas

This is a desperate move tbh. If he stinks it up, then we lost any trade bait with him and Kyle. If he plays well and we win, then we lose draft position. Best option is to lose out this year and let’s get new coaching, new O and D linemen. Oh, and replace Mr WaffleHouse, Aka burnt toast, aka Donte Jackson.

    J Barringer

    No team should ever give up, no matter how their seating in the draft is. To hell with that, these guys are paid big money to perform at their highest level all season.
    Look at ATL, playing spoiler to a lot of post season bound teams.. change the narrative, positivity breeds positivity

Josh N

Keep pounding panthers

Marvin Ollison

We need to get grier some panther gear..

Marvin Ollison

That grey go hard喫

Cory Hough

Cam Newton! Self explanatory

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