Will Grier Discusses His Preparations for Starting in Week 16 | Carolina Panthers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Nick Ford


frank sigwart

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Lucas Wheeler

He will do great. I watched him for 2 years in college and he was amazing

    Rodrigo Grimaldo

    Lucas Wheeler college and the NFL are different playstyles


    Rodrigo Grimaldo shut up, bruh gon get this W for us, KEEP POUNDING

    Rodrigo Grimaldo

    thygreatmark I hope we don’t win

    Rodrigo Grimaldo

    thygreatmark well I hope we do but I don’t also because if we lose the better the draft pick we get


He’s so chill. Can’t wait to see him play.

smilley brown

Let’s get that W

Nathan Thompson

He seems smart. I want to give this man a shot


Help give us a few wins to end the season

Big D

When it comes to winning, I’m not expecting much considering our pathetic defense but for his first start, it’s not all about winning as it is developing into a qb, meaning he should feel good even if he looses as long as he has a good game. Good luck kid!

Pressley - the YouTuber formerly known as Vesylum

PFF had him graded as a 1st round QB in 2019.


Isn’t his little brother an actor or something?


Willy G 💪🏽

Tamera Shields

Well..my team will probably still lose..but I hope he can get some good practice in…just don’t let the Lose be because of you…


He seams less robotic and more personable.

Austin Cadle

Help us tank


    💯… we need to move up the draft board (Lol).

AR15 Luciano

Put anybody behind that oline they gone be dirt fr.


    Word… we haven’t had a Pro Bowl caliber tackle since Jordan Gross (smh).

Nile Child

Kyle Allen was fine being the backup. He had no pressure of being the spotlight quarterback he only followed the script. When he got word that cam was out for the season…well that when the pressure set in not from opposing defenses. Everybody can’t play in the spotlight…execpt will Grier to do just what Kyle did in his first start.


Guys come on this is the hometown guy. Get behind him! Go Panthers.


Will Grier is a stoner he should be fine.

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