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king shark

Of course, all the reason I’m hoping Lamar deep in that playbook, and do what no raven qb has ever done, take ownership of the offense.

Dont just be some guy in a helmet and wrist band, take charge like brady, manning, rodgers, Wilson.

    king shark

    @Cody … maybe, but alot of this offense is built around his talents, he’s alert enough to be an exception , like mahomes in KC is. Crazy is when both got their full season shot, they won the mvp. Yet to me mahomes has hit his peak via better coaching around him.

    Lamar, mvp this year with just about 75% percent of his potential. Scary.


    @king shark I think the game of football, especially at the QB position, is so complex that it takes years and years of experience to be able to fully read defenses. Since offensive playbooks are designed around countering defenses (and vice versa), you’d need to be able to fully read defenses before you could be effective at designing and calling the shots for offensive plays. Now Payton Manning did this, and maybe Brady, Brees, or Rodgers could pull that off, but Lamar is still so early in his development. Which is why I totally agree that the best is still to come for him.

    king shark

    @Cody … again, maybe, and true.. just one aspect you leaving out, today’s qb, are different than yesteryear guys. In the point of development.

    It’s now, pop Warner. Jr. High, high school, camps, then college, then pros, this era you have guys in 2nd and up to 4th seasons in the big dance.

    Vs… back in the day, it was just what you were exposed to in school, these guys today have that and camps, qb coaches, etc etc. They 365 qb. Vs back in the day it was just seasonal.

    Plus, trust , check out his Louisville games, he was running spread with 30 to 40 attempts. He being curbed back in the pros to just 20-25 attempts.

    To me, seeing qb bust in this age, means they just surely didn’t have it beyond college. But, 🤞 to hoping this not just a rg3 type rookie season and can go beyond and into the future.

    We gone see Sunday, that Lamar is special, by how rg3 performs. It’s not gone be pretty 😢


    @king shark I think your right in that that’s how Mahomes and Lamar could develop so quickly compared to QBs of the past. I just don’t think it’s such fast development that either of them can completely read defenses yet. It will definitely be very interesting to see how long it takes both of them to reach that point compared to how long it took Payton and Brady. Also as someone born and raised in Madyland. I’m going to be headt broken if Lamae ends up like RG3 😬

    king shark

    @Cody … oooooooo, ok now I’m seeing what you mean, you mean striaght up qb commanders. Well outside a mucky season this year, one guy this era has come close and that’s dak Prescott, he’s got the line calling down, just need to transition into the ability to play change.

    But, right, lamar and mahomes, plus Watson, Winston, and keep a eye on Jacoby brissett in Indianapolis, under frank Reich, he could be a MVP next yr. Lol. Have to grow into qb commanders, beyond just good coaching guiding them.

    I want that for sure, but now I’ll take qb ownership in the form of leadership, knowing the scheme to get the game flow right and smooth to the point we dont miss a beat if a coordinator is poached from us, as in the past. Joe just never snatched ownership of the offense.

Big Al

Pay Wink and Gregg head coach money for them to stay.

    Sean Swinton

    Big Al Yes, please do. A dynasty in the making, don’t ruin a great opportunity for long term success.

    Big Al

    @Sean Swinton rite

    A_Train W

    If anything keep Greg over Wink because ravens been known for always having a great defense Gregs offensive play calls work with Lamar perfectly


    No coach is passing up the opportunity to be a head coach… even if it’s with a trash team. Be real.


They better not! It’s ridiculous, just like when flacco looked great under Gary Kubiak than next season he’s gone. No way no way keep both

    Brady Ploog

    Exactly what I was thinking, that infuriated me when they sent Kubiak to the Broncos after the good year Flacco had

T. A.A

The goal of ALL haters (NFL) is to remove the the coordinators from the Ravens.


    So their golden child aka john cena (PATRIOTS) can continue being top dogs.

    Beeare the squash match.


Baltimore is gonna win the super bowl. Greg Roman and wink martindale would not wanna leave even if they go interviews with lost of of money.

Frank Crocetti

I’d like to keep both guys but Keeping Roman is a Must for Lamar’s future for now. He understands Lamar And how to use his gifts. Point Blank.

    Frank Crocetti

    @Berto A no hes a QB in this league not arguing that but he was a running QB in College. He had to transition into a Pocket First QB and he did that. There has Never been a QB with Lamar’s full skill set that’s why he’s Revolutionary. Just stop bro. Come on Man he passed for over 3,000 And Ran for over 1,000 And passed for over 30 touchdowns. He beat out lots of running backs in this league on the ground this year. Lamar couldn’t have did that in his first full year without a coach that understood his value and how to utilize it. Facts. Why do u think we have coaches ?🤔😂😂😂

    Berto A

    @Frank Crocetti so your saying he’s a great qb but your like the haters you want to put him in a box and say he needs something special at oc or he can’t be successful Greg Roman is great but their is more than 1 offensive coordinator out their that could succeed

    Frank Crocetti

    @Berto A let me go at this Another way. In the NFL there Are Special And Rare Players And Coaches And when there put together Special things happen for both. Lamar will have a Super Career without Roman but in the beginning Roman gave Lamar the Best Chance possible to help make that come true because he specialized in these types of QBs. Does that help you with what im saying ? Cause if not i don’t know what to tell you.

    Berto A

    @Frank Crocetti I get what your saying just gave my opinion on it do i have to explain what my opinion is to or you get it

    Frank Crocetti

    @Berto A Lol Sure go a head everyone has that right.😂🙏🏼

Brandon Koontz

Ravens need to pay up and at least keep Roman. His offense is sooooo perfect for us we need him

iONLYrobWHITE DrugDealers

Ravens have the best YouTube page out of any NFL Teams.. Pay the assist coaches like real coaches


We can’t let Roman leave. Our offense hasn’t clicked like this since Kubiak. Anybody remember Cam Cameron and Marc Trestman as our OC 🤮

    Noble 6

    The forbidden years lol

JR King

Everytime a team has a successful season the first thing the media does is try to lure the OffensiveDefensive coordinator away smh.. Better ask Mike Patricia how sweet things are under a new system

GamingBros XL

Protect them at all costs. Both are great but replacing greg may hurt lamar’s play. And let me say a QBs confidence is important. So don’t let another offensive coordinator change lamar’s style and the offense.

El - Amin

Hoping they both choose to stay in Baltimore; old school loyalty over new fool head coaching ambitious royalty.


Vault Of Entertainment

If he does leave John please don’t hire some cocky offensive coordinator who is going to try and change the offense up and try and turn Lamar into something he is not.


If Roman goes. Baltimore might bring in Petrino. Just a thought


    May sound good but Bobby Petrino has his eyes keen on head coaching. Plus, John and Bobby P are polar opposites which could turn out very bad.

    Just elevate the current QB’s coach to the position if Greg Roman leaves

A_Train W

Feel Greg is more valuable over Wink ravens organization somehow finds great DC but rare to find this great of an OC plus Lamar fits perfectly in his offensive play calls as we all have seen

Juan Gonzalez

Greg has worked with kap and Lamar for his 2 best seasons and a OC, not saying he wont do good but it wont work unless he has a qb that is mobile and a team that’s overall good. 49ers and the ravens were both good overall. He wont work with teams rebuilding


Unfortunately, these two may be head coaching in the market. As much I dont want it to happen, they’re on Cloud 9 rn. Just hope for continuity. It happens.


Pay the men. Hopefully Roman is aware he’ll never have the opportunity to run an offense like the Ravens because no player is like Lamar.


Trace McSorley is the better quarterback let him start or at least let him play in the third quarter

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