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Teofimo Stan Account

Cowboys got a bye week the entire playoffs 🔥🔥🔥

    Jonny D Cash

    Teofimo Stan Account every year. Jerry Jones will never win another Super Bowl.


    @Jonny D Cash -Tuna


    Not saying whether Garret is a bad coach or not, but Jones is a terrible GM. Always has been. He needs to appoint a competent GM whose first act is to bench Prescott and sign a seasoned QB who can reliably connect with a receiver 20 yards down field.

AG Kigplum

According to Cynthia every game needs to be single digits apart

    Mustache D. Luffy

    What physical appearance? The fact she’s s girl??

    Oliver McCall

    @Mustache D. Luffy You said people would be more interested with a cute girl, but most people are making fun of her and want her gone

    Mustache D. Luffy

    That’s probably why she’s there. Whether people want her there or not is another story. She seems to be lost compared to everyone else when it comes to football savvy


    She does it based of simulations of course it’s gonna be close to the spread every time


    Oliver McCall people who comment are the ones who actually care about football content. People who don’t are the ones who get tricked by looks

Emperor Palpatine

I’m concerned about the Texans. The thing is, we don’t know what version of the Texans are going to show up.

    Noe Jr

    Emperor Palpatine either the one that can beat the patriots or the one that got destroyed by the broncos

    rippetoe 38


    why dalukaton

    @Noe Jr patriots arent even good

    Hazardb squad

    The Texans got jj watt

    SJP Gaming

    Same with the patriots


Ravens vs the Baltimore Retirement Home. Cynthia: My model says the Ravens win a close one 29-25

    upchuck724 Gabriel



    I’m dead af hahahahah

    Awesome Will

    Lol XD



    Fôrtñïtê Šüçkß

    Blazerdawg2005 nah 26-23


What’s their obsession with 23 points


    Firas, 2 TD’s 3 FG


    ItsIxel missed PAT


    Touchdown = 7
    Field Goal = 3
    Field Goal = 3
    Touchdown = 7
    Field Goal = 3
    23 Points Total


    @ItsIxel You mean 21 and you actually got likes this world is crazy. 6+6+6+3=21 everyday


Why is she even still around

    Vegas EMT

    @ded meme no.420

    Let’s see your predictions.


    @triken900 Are they on TV? I’m watching a website.

    Chantalan Martinez

    She’s there to look sexy and to make sports not look like a sausage fest

    Ross Martinez III

    Because nobody on Earth would wanna watch you?

King Of EA

Everybody is scoring 23 this week, according to Cynthia

    Ashley and Micah English

    Ok Boomer

    Oliver McCall

    O/U is usually in the 40s so that’s why

    Ryan Miller

    23 isn’t even a very likely score in the NFL!

    Justin Nguyen

    AGK927 u tried so hard last season defending her it’s just not gonna work

Trevor Morris

So I guess no teams score over 30 points according to Cynthia’s “model”

    Zentraedi Forces

    Only Buffalo will do it 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻

    Luke Barberg

    you know that the bills will win right

    Mot Goaiu

    Thank ihttps://youtu.be/OVB0u_FRMAQ

    Oliver McCall

    Law of averages, of course she doesn’t actually think every team will score in the 20s

Jack Robins

Cynthia: “My model says the eagles beat the seahawks 2 to 1 in a close game”

    EXotic Nova

    @AGK927 shutup dude its so annoying your like 9 and you keep saying “sToP iT 😥 i SaId StOp bEiNg MeAn To hEr

    Viking Fury

    @AGK927 stfu little kid

    Vegas EMT

    @Viking Fury

    #SKOL…..Still keep on Losing

    Vegas EMT

    Put your picks on the record….

    Wes Takahashi

    Leave Britney alone…..

1,069 subs with a few videos challenge

Basically how Cynthia predicts who’s gonna win:
*Takes random number generator*


    For the scores she uses the range of 22 to 25 for the random number

    Oliver McCall

    It’s not really a prediction, it’s just based off odds and O/U

    Megan Unsworth

    No be mean to cynthia

Brody Sullivan

It’s still Tom Brady
Me: he sucks

    Oliver McCall

    He’s doing good considering his offense

    Mason Stoltz 28

    He won 6 Super Bowls so he’s not bad he knows how to win

Angelo Garcia

Man, I got my team Houston winning. However, I need them to replace Fuller with someone else who isn’t always hurt. Robbie Anderson on the other side of Hopkins would be great

    Chantalan Martinez

    Will Fuller (aka Butterfingers)

Stan ezen

“Please mam….help me, I’m dying…”

Cynthia: “My model says you bleed out to death in 5.3 minutes”


    Come on don’t be rude to her..

    Stan ezen

    Lol read the other comments mine is nothing compared to those🤣


    *2.3 minutes

    Stan ezen

    Right haha


I swear to god that Cynthia is an eagles fan 😂

    Wes Takahashi

    Yes because her computer model told her to be one.

Chris G

Cynthia: All single digit wins this weekend.

Model: Hold my Beer.

Stan ezen

*an asteroid is heading towards earth*

Cynthia: “my model says we live 23-21”


I’m so sick of hearing that blonde girl make score predictions

Pattabhiram and Swathi

Ravens vs Dolphins
Cynthia: This is gonna be an interesting one. Ravens win by 23-20


    Pattabhiram and Swathi Hey, the dolphins beat the Patriots by a field goal. I could see them beating the ravens by an edger also

Shawn Auringer

Not a single soul:
Cynthia: my model predicts 23-21 *every game ever


All of us watching* “could you just pick a normal game score”
Cynthia* “No, I don’t think I will”

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