Why Continuity in the Secondary Is So Important | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Why Continuity in the Secondary Is So Important | Ravens Final Drive

With Chuck Clark's extension, the starters are in place for years to come in the Ravens secondary. Now let's watch them grow together.

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lil alpy35

2020 season looks promising! I’m excited already!

Leroy Worsley

The Baltimore RAVENS Secondary was Awesome! Good job, to keep it in Place! I Love The Chuck Clark Signing!!!!! GO RAVENS!!!!!!!

Trap Town NCS

I enjoyed your video 🙂 Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

Sam Dath

I am extremely excited for September go ravens

Kai Sommers

We also got tavon young now… We the new legion of boom!!!!


Notice how Tony jefferson wasnt in the thumbnail or even mentioned in the vid… HE GONE

king shark

Wanna see iman Marshall, is he stud or dud,

we getting tay back 🥳,

thomas made it injury free, expecting him to play all out and putting hamstring and all on the table,

we got a physical corner in Humphrey, who just has to not get fooled by no name guys, read them scout reports.

Peters, our ball hawk, we just have to live and let die on his gambles. 🤞
Secondary will be good barring any injuries.

Now let’s build a lighting bolt front 7, from nose to ends, that can rush the passer.

    Lion Thomas

    I think Eric decosta will have some more probowl all pro and hall-of-famer drafted here….. He seems to understand the game a little bit better Ozzy was just Alabama guy the Decosta has a little bit better vision..

    king shark

    @Lion Thomas … we shall see, but only thing is… looking at all the talent on other teams that made impacts in the post season says, ozzy was picking and acquiring talent, we just gave up and didn’t wanna pay people.

    If we keep that developing talent just to dump it before a payday, nothing will have changed.

    We will see if the ravens figure it out by keeping judon.

c smith


Logan issa Ravens fan from Ohio

We just need a pass rush we already have the best secondary in the league

Lion Thomas

Marlon has to reduce the mental errors

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