Why Arthur Blank made this decision – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Why Arthur Blank made this decision

Falcons Chairman Arthur Blank discusses his decision to retain Dan Quinn and
Thomas Dimitroff, while making adjustments to the football structure.

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Glad we keeping Quinn.year afther year new coaches new staff same results. Lets stick to one lane see how this works. Im not mad at all. And to all fans that dont go to the game don’t say nothing.

    The Unknown Gem

    @Football Films I’ve believe in Quinn, if New Orleans can trust Peyton with back-to-back losing seasons, why not trust Quinn.

    Pepper 526

    Luh Snoop point is both got to superbowls so theres no reason they can’t go back

    Luh Snoop

    Pepper 526 Lmfaoooo Bro Gtfoh There is no
    Going back we can’t even Tank good enough we literally blew a Chance at good draft picks to prove we got “Heart” Y’all folks Kill me

    Pepper 526

    Luh Snoop getting rid of coaches means learning everything over again and we don’t have time for that

Aiden Munden

We went 5-2 in games that we shouldn’t have been trying to win. Horrible decision. 6-10 next year. Wasted careers for Matt and Julio

Sylvester Taylor

Its Arthur’s money to invest; to win it or lose it. Its the fans option to support or not. Arthur must be prepared for it! We’ll see what happens — 2020

Joey Winters

Why are the questions being whispered? What is he trying to keep secret?


Yes thank god im so glad they didn’t do this if u remove dan u remove everyone hearts and brotherhood

iNdosOuL Vision

I agree with this decision. On ther other hand if no improvment is made next year you gotta cut bait. Or am i wrong

Furious Falcon

Wish matt and julio pulled a Deion they deserve so much better then mediocrity

Donald Allen

I’ve been a Falcons fan since 1975, but I’m done now this is ridiculous, both of these people should have been put out… I can’t support this foolishness any further

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