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Super Mario Nathan

Go broncos

Jayven Salazar

What about Tim Patrick!!!!!!!

    Shawn Edmond


    Lucas Braun

    Love what this offense is doing, and even though Sutton and Lindsay are the undisputed stars, my favorite Bronco right now is Tim Patrick .. The guy is a beast and has no fear

alex a

Let’s go 🔒

•Wade Oneyear58•

Let’s go denver Broncos

Daily Dad


Nel Pat

Let’s go hopefully good picks for 2020 season!

Will Wells

What about Drew Lock

Zwagger 19

Hopefully Lock because when a qb is a star the whole offense is a star

Derek Pape

Fant can be a great receiving TE, like Kittle, but he’ll never be as great of a blocker as Kittle.


    He isn’t a terrible blocker though. Better than i thought he would be

    Derek Pape

    @Packer Power It’s debatable, but personally, I think Kittle is the best and most complete TE in the NFL. His blocking is second to none, his speed and route running is great and can be very creative, and his run after catch can be demoralizing to defenses. I will say his hands can be a little inconsistent at times, but overall, he’s able to show up and be a leader in big moments. I agree Kittle and Kelce are 1-2 for sure, though. Full disclosure, I am a big Hawkeyes fan, so that makes me pay attention to Kittle a little more too lol.

    Derek Pape

    @SangheiliWarrior I totally agree with you there; again, he improved so much throughout the entire season, which is super encouraging, and he’s already improved so much since college.

    Jeff Crouch

    Iowa Hawkeye’s fan and Denver broncos fan here. I watched fant in Iowa and he’s a solid blocker he just has to adjust to how much faster and stronger guys are in the NFL and he will be fine I believe.

    Derek Pape

    @Jeff Crouch You hit the nail on the head, my friend. Adjusting to the NFL’s level of physicality has been the biggest factor in Fant’s young career so far. It really makes sense; that’s exactly why you see so few TEs make a difference in their rookie season.

Brenton Burbank

I’m picking lock he will have a breakout year

    Marquies Johnson

    Now that’s really going out on a limb of course he’s going to have a breakout season we’ve seen what he could do at the end of the year this year

Nelson Nakatsu

Sutton already broke out


    Nelson Nakatsu agreed. I believe fant is breakout ready.

Marquies Johnson

We need a legit number two receiver I like DeShawn Hamilton he’s going to be a great slot receiver but we need a legit number two possession kind of receiver to help out Courtland

    Str8 Enzo

    Jerry jeudy or ceedee lamb

    Austin Wood

    That’s why the broncos are getting feeder lamb

    Austin Wood

    Ceedee lamb sorry auto correct

    Marquies Johnson

    @Str8 Enzo Jerry is nice


    Tim Patrick is really nice. In terms of draft i usually think if you already have your star receiver you shouldn’t pick a receiver in the 1st round. But if They did the best way to go would be ruggs or Jalen Reager. But i would rather OL or DL there, or DB which are bigger needs.

Kevin Bolanos

Ima go with Royce freeman, We can have the best tandem in the league, shurmur gotta get him more touches, that’s how we’re gonna beat the chiefs


I honestly think Noah Fant is going to breakout and take a place among the elite TE’s.

Jonesy Cinq



When the Titans win the Superbowl, remember,
The Broncos beat them ✊

    Cael Sherrod

    Cruzinthruspace me and my dad joke that the broncos beat them so bad that we caused ryan tannehill to start and get them to the afc championship lol

    Amazing Tate

    Cruzinthruspace not just beat but shutout

Chris Alejandre

Wheres Brandon Perna?

Jesse Williams

2020 is our year, go Broncos.

Ernie is Gaming

I absolutely love that Steve Atwater is a part of this kind of stuff. He is always really insightful.

Hemi Powered


that’s good broncos

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